Monday, January 18, 2010

Where can i go snipe hunting in may?

common snipe is a migratory bird that does exist. hunting season is Sept 1 to DEC 16.Where can i go snipe hunting in may?
Paulsmatrix I know them as the Woodcock. We have a variety here in Illinois but they are on the endangered species list. Most of the variety of Snipe inhabit the New England States and Penn and OH.

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Where can i go snipe hunting in may?
The best locale is a minimum of 5 miles of out town (this ensure that the light sensitive birds will not be cowering under cover and afraid to move).

A medium woods of several acres, not too open, but not full of underbrush. A human should be able to walk normally without too much hindrance and yet sufficient hiding places need to be available.

A waxing or waning moon is best either last quarter or first quarter. Never try during a full moon. Snipe get very agitated then and will often attack a lone human with drastic results.

A burlap gunny sack and short piece of rope (made of natural fiber, not synthetic) are the only tool allowed. Nets and night-vision goggles are illegal and most unsporting.

To hide the smell of human scent, copious quantities of poor quality beer must be drank before the hunt. A six-pack is considered by many old pros as the minimum quantity.

Snipe hunting with members of the opposite sex is always more productive and rewarding than even the best prepared hunt by single sex groups.

Avoid farm houses and barns, pens with animals (especially big animals) and open fields. Good Luck.
Try hunting Snipes way out in the woods !!!
snipe's are not real
Their season starts just after jackalope season ends.
In the land of non-existant. It is located in the middle of the USA.
Snipe are not in season until August.
lol snipe hunting
First of all snipes ARE REAL!!!!! Make sure you go into a highly wooded area, the best way to catch a snipe is to be completely drunk and/or high....they are fast though...have fun and be careful...and remember that it is a disgrace to come home empty handed!!!
In the nearest woods, but it has to be at nite, and you will need a bag.

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