Friday, January 22, 2010

Does anyone here or anyone you know go hunting? For sport, not food? Why?

I try very hard to respect people's individual decisions, but this is something I just can't understand. Why and how could you kill an animal for sport? I just don't get it. It's one thing for food, but to do it for *fun*? Why?Does anyone here or anyone you know go hunting? For sport, not food? Why?
I am about as conservative and unliberal as they come, and I must say that I tend to agree with you.Does anyone here or anyone you know go hunting? For sport, not food? Why?
most of the men from my dad's family go hunting for deer, squirells, and turkeys. i for one think is bs. we dont have to hunt for food to survive anymore. i honestly think people that enjoy hunting have some sort of psychiatric problem that makes them enjoy killing harmless things. i really wish someday that hunting would be made illegal because overpopulation is bs too, mother nature has been taking care of that problem before man was ever though of.
Look, I am from Athens, Greece. I have a friend though who lives in Peloponnese and there in the countryside they are going for hunting in the mountains. It`s something like a custom here in Greece. They hunt wild boars. I never understood this hobby and I never agreed with it. I think that such kind of hobbies bring the mankind a lot of decades back to its evolution history...
My ex husband and most of his family. They have deer and bear heads in their living room which I refused to display. I never understood why it is such a thrill and proud moment to kill an innocent animal who just happens to walk by your hunting blind....Woohoo! you should be so proud. (sarcasm)
No idea it's cruel and pointless .food no brainer maybe even for clothing but for sport cmon. What the heck is the point in hanging a dead animal carcass on your mantle that is just sick.
Sport hunting lots of times is for animal population control. Im from South Dakota and animals that get over populated have to be hunted to prevent disease and chronic wasting of the animal. Deer get chronic wasting disease and their insides turn into liquid and they infect the rest of the herd. So we kill for population control but some may call it sport hunting.
My answer does not necessary say that I think it is wrong or right....its just as a southern girl, It is not an unusual sport. Fishing is a sport, something my brother really enjoys, but he does not even eat fish. --(But he does bring them home to Big Sis;)...Men were designed to sit on that rock and prey, hunt and find food for his family...somehow it has become a sport. But I wear leather shoes, I love my leather seats in my car, the leather coats I wear in the fall, and enjoy carrying the best of leather handbags....I also like cosmetics, I occasionally use glue, and we all know that much of the items named are from animals of some sort....Same theory, we eat to get full...but why do we chose some of the foods, including the same meat that hunters sometimes hunt for, whether for fun or food. After all, we as Americans have many choices in foods, we don't have to eat meat but we do. We do things because we want to. Often, some things may be offensive to others, and not so to another...just the choice we make because of who we are....Great question, but I don't think there is a right or wrong check mark for this one. If you hunt, find, and kill it, I just hope it is potential food for someone, even if there is a thrill in the prey effort, or if it is treated as a sport....

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