Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Which is the best state for hog hunting?

I cannot tell you how many other states have but in Texas they say there are now over 1.5 million feral hogs. In some areas there are javalinas to go with them. I heard of a man trapping more than 600 in one winter in North Central Texas. I trapped 49 behind my house in three weeks a few years ago. They are everywhere around here.

Saw two today.鈥?/a>Which is the best state for hog hunting?
Arkansas.....Why do you think they call themselves the ';Razorbacks?';Which is the best state for hog hunting?
TexASS.... has more pigs and places to hunt then the other states...... Check out the Van Horn TexASS area.
Lot of hogs down here were i live in Texas tore up my pasture i was out at hilltop lakes and got in a mess with 40 of them it was a shootout.
I would have to say Hawaii..They are laoded with feral pigs and sheep and have alot of management areas where you could do it free but you need a out of stae license..

Louisiana is good too.. Theres a bunch. it may be hard ot find a palc eot hunt but no license is required to hunt em.. So itll save you money
I would say here in Texas for a good variety and numbers, and Florida for something close to original Spanish hogs. Good eating. I hunt between 90 and 250 pounds, they taste the best to me and are easier to clean and pull from the woods.
West Virginia..North west..Alot of em..Fat and slow..but still mean as Hell!
Texas! Private peanut farm, night time, tied to the back of a moving pick-up truck and a firing a semi-auto 308.
Other states might be good too, but there are a lot of hogs in Texas. Kill 'm and git'm outa here!
For sheer number of targets, Texas tops the list.
Texas or Arkansas

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