Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do you think a real ';Elite Hunting'; organization, as seen in Hostel, exists?

Just watched Hostel again and the thought came to mind. Do you think there are actual underground organizations that conduct murder-for-profit business?

If so, one would wonder how they would get contacts for that sort of thing.

Discuss.Do you think a real ';Elite Hunting'; organization, as seen in Hostel, exists?
Personally, I believe they exist. I saw some interesting happenings while traveling and living in Europe (not that ran across anything like Hostel).

I was going to paste some information, but I found a GREAT website that has links to crime organizations and associations.

';Several hints in Hostel support Elite Hunting's ties to Russian organized crime, specifically their business card, which contains the email address blatanikov@gang.rus, linking it to a Russian web domain (although in reality this domain zone does not exist, and Russian sites use .ru domains instead). Hostel: Part II however shows several organization members speaking Slovak, hinting at the organization's alleged local origins but also highlighting the members' inherent multilingualism from operating in Slovakia. Furthermore, the Russian Mafia is known to have several offshoots in Eastern Europe.';Do you think a real ';Elite Hunting'; organization, as seen in Hostel, exists?
Elite Hunting in itself is a fictional organization. However, organizations of this caliber do exist throughout the world. Many times. victims are of impoverished areas. However, there are occurrences when travelers or tramps of various non-third world countries are caught in the same ';game.';

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This also goes hand in hand with grotesque entertainment such as snuff videos (which have been defined ';in theory'; as an urban legend - but who really wants to know the truth, right?), gang bangs and, of course, the complex system of human trafficking.

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I believe they do as well. However, I doubt they exist in Europe, and if they do, they'd have to be in the poorest parts of Europe.

Thailand is where I think the stuff like in Hostel happens. That country is really messed, up dude. They have places where children are assaulted for cash. One organization is particular was featured on MSNBC awhile ago. It was very eye opening to say the least. Disgusting stuff, no doubt.

Anyway, Eli Roth mentioned hearing about a place in Thailand where people could pay to walk into a room and shoot someone in the head for money.

Hope I helped you!

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