Monday, January 18, 2010

Any body got hunting tips on any game.Im studying hunting and im 14 yrs old?

Patience, marksmanship, commitment, and confidence. If you're going to try hunting, you need all of them.

Get plenty of practice with your gun or bow before you go out...nobody wants to wound an animal. By being a proficient marksman, you'll be confident enough to take a shot that will result in a quick kill.

You will need to learn as much about the game you are hunting as possible. If you're out to deer hunt, you're in for a brutal learning cycle...that will most likely end in failure several times.

Once you're in the woods, the other two come in. You have to be confident that you know what you're doing...even if it's your first time, and you need to be patient enough to either wait for the animal, or to stalk them effectively. They are not, after all, domestic animals, and will be difficult to get close to.Any body got hunting tips on any game.Im studying hunting and im 14 yrs old?
Go to this web site, just type in ....Hunting and Shooting in search the web area, and you will get a lot of information from it.*Any body got hunting tips on any game.Im studying hunting and im 14 yrs old?
there are lots and lots of resources and articles available on the internet. my suggestion would be to refine your question. what exactly are you hunting? what works for turkey would get you killed if you were hunting wild boar.

if you are intent on starting hunting i would proceed like this:

1. learn gun safety. i don't know what your state requires but it may mean taking a class and this is worth it.

2. look up your state's department of natural resources website. it should have all the rules (when the season is, etc) that you should follow. please follow these rules.

3. have fun. be an ethical hunter. one shot, one kill. enter the woods prepared for success. learn to clean game and eat what you kill.

there is a large community of hunters ready to share their knowledge and experience and mistakes.
I like trapping and snaring, set um got to bed in the morning eat your rabbit, deer, or squirrel. but if your hunting with a gun, I'm not the best at that, but good luck.
Jean B

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The best thing to do, is take a course on it. they offer courses on hunting in most states through the department of natural resources. Killing an animal can be a tough thing to do. It's not the same to kill a deer as it is to kill an ant. Take a course on it. Your going to need a gun or a bow. and then your going to need to learn how to use it.

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well on that note, i too agree that you should try taking a class on hunting. they are available through you states dep. this is required to obtain a hunting license. you can learn alto from these courses. i would reccomend a bowhunting course as they tend to last a shorter duration.

this is a ';forum'; titled hunting... therefore anti hunters dont belong here hint hint

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