Sunday, January 24, 2010

What are .308 caliber rifles good for hunting?

Also .270 win.What are .308 caliber rifles good for hunting?
well that depends on witch .308 caliber rifle you are talking about.

30/30 is a good brush gun for deer out to about 100 yards

308 winchester is good for most animals in north america with the right bullet selection

30/06 is a good rifle for anything in north america

300 win mag is good for any thing a 30/06 is good for but with more recoil

A .270 is a rifle round dirved from the 30/06 necked down to .270, also is good for most north american gameWhat are .308 caliber rifles good for hunting?
Pigeons and cats.
All Game in North America, although I prefer the 30-06 myself*...
both are excellent on all n. american big game. however, i personally feel that the .270 is a bit small for big bears and moose. the .308 is fine for everything,though. what people need to remember is the .308 is, basically, a 30.06 with less noise and less recoil. also, surplus ammo for .308 makes it cheaper to practice with.
Anything that moves and is designated a legal target on the continental us.
the obvious choice for the .308 is Osama Bin Laden otherwise both are good for deer,varmint(cayote,prairie dog,woodchuck/groundhog,etc.),and black bear. the .270 is well suited for deer hunting.
Every game animal in North America has fallen before the .308 Win and .270 Win.

That doesn't mean that I, or lots of other folks, think the .308 Win or .270 Win are good choices for the really big stuff, like brown/grizzly bears, or moose. But I'd not pass up a chance to hunt moose if my only rifle was a .308 or .270.

BTW, with proper bullet selection, you can reload the .308 into a respectable varmint cartridge, or an outstanding long-range target cartridge.

Everything in North America.
both are very good for hunting anything in cali.308 is a sniper round and kicks a little less but leaves bigger holes
They are good for almost any game in America. I wouldnt hunt grizzlies with either, course you cant shoot them in the US anyway i dont think, id leave that to the big guns. I wouldnt think they would do bad on black bear, but i might hestitate on the .270. You could hunt deer, boar, elk, and anything else you could think of. I dont know if the .270 will take an elk, for sure. If you use small bullets, you can use either on coyote, bobcat, and otehr smaller predators. The only game i wouldnt use the .308 on would be moose. It might be too small for that one. I think id go bigger than the 30-06 too. The .270 would be out of the question on that one.
.308 and .270 rounds are good for hunting just about any large game in North America. Whitetail deer, black bear, even some larger bear. They are a bit too big as varmint calibers, so I'd not use them for coyote or bobcat, etc.

Both calibers shoot flat, are exceptionally accurate, and will do just about any big game task you need them to do.
deer, bear, elk, anything big! .308 is 7.62 mm military, the U.S. uses 5.56 mm now a .223! I personally don't like .270 cal. the bullets have a tendency to tear apart. Don't know why, they just do with me! I don't hunt anymore either, personal choice, tired of killing! But see hunting as necessary to the overall health and conservation of big game animals, mainly deer, which I have seen starved to death when the populations were too much for the habitat!

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