Friday, January 22, 2010

With money not being an option what .308 should I buy for hunting?

If you mean you have little money? A Marlin XS-7 or a Stevens 200 series combo will get you by if you want to buy the scope seperately H%26amp;R Handi-Rifle. Never ignore the used racks I've seen nearly perfect $600 Remington %26amp; Winchester rifles with Leupold, Burris or Bausch %26amp; Lomb scopes on them for under $500.The Stevens 200 is based on the Savage 10/110 series rifle and you can get a better stock in the future that will take it. Plus a better scope can always be bought for any rifle like these when funds allow in a year or two.

If you mean cost is no object then: Cooper Arms, Dakota Arms, New Ultra Light Arms, a custom by a very good riflesmith. If you wanted unusual you could have it done on a less common(in the USA) action such as a SAKO.

Kimber is making very nice rifles but I've seen a few at shops where there were Cooper %26amp; Dakota products and they just seemed to have that slight edge in being perfectly fitted %26amp; finished.

Why stick with just a .308(I'm assuming you mean a .308 Winchester btw). If I was going the price is no object route I'd pick something else because i already have a Browning in .30-06 so I'd want something a little more special. Say a 6.5mm-284, a .280 Ackley Improved, .308 or .358 Norma Magnum, .330 Dakota or even a .25/08 Improved.With money not being an option what .308 should I buy for hunting?
remington 700 all the way get a all custom job done my uncle had a full custom job done basikly he had a remington 700 that was built better than some of the ones issued to a military sniper it cost him around 3-4 grand all custom all custom all..... custom..... custom by you would never see it for sale at any store.... custom as in you can basikly become a top sniper adn make 500 yard head shots with no prob and it was topped off with one of the best leupold scopeWith money not being an option what .308 should I buy for hunting?
I'd get a Browning BLR.

I've had a .358 Win LR for nearly 15 years. it is the most accurate rifle I've ever owned and one of the most accurate I've ever shot. I also hear other people saying similar things about their BLR's.


would be my pick if money were not an option and all I was going to be doing was stand hunting.

Good luck.

Any Remington or Savage Brand 308 Rifle that you really like.*
i'd go with a national match grade M1a from SA, probably with a swarovski 3-10x42mounted on it...but that's just me.
only one guy actually read the question?!!!!! I'd go (savage)stevens 200 but ditch the scope if you get a combo. second option might be a NEF or mossberg
A custom Remington from their custom shop in some beautiful wood with a real expensive custom Leupold on it.

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