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Hunting for a total beginner?

I am almost 18 and I have grown up in Arkansas where like everyone goes hunting with thier dad. And my dad left me and my mom when I was 5 and I never have had that hunting experience. And when I have chilrden I want to be able and have a bonding experience through hunting. So I like think Duck hunting is cool. So like any begining hunting tips.Hunting for a total beginner?
Well since your saying your a total beginner, I wonder if you have taken the hunter education course yet. If not, that is the ultimate first step. Once you pass this, then you get your license. Your going to need a shotgun that will hold more than just one shot. When the ducks come in, go for the leading duck if it is only two, and give it some lead, as in a little space in front of where it is flying. If there is a flock then which ever one you choose to take, it needs that lead way. Learn which ducks are which. Often times, your only allowed a certain number of certain ducks that is under the daily bag limit like a combination of duck is required to make the actual bag limit, but the limit of mallard is 2 ducks short of the total daily limit. If you can find someone who can take you out a few times will be best, not only because they can show you hands on, but also, a lot of these guys have dogs for retrieval, a good blind, and/or decoys and calls.Hunting for a total beginner?
First of all learn safe gun handling procedures and make them habit. IIIfou are small build guy i would rerecommend 20 gauge to start with but if can handle i would use a 12 gauge. For the money its hard to beat a Mossberg 835 12 gauge. The barrel is bored out to 10 gauge dimensions and is good choice for waterfowl. Just a suggestion there are many good guns out there. Always respect the land you hunt on and the land owners rules esespeciallyf you want to hunt the next year in same location. When crossing a fence alway put your gun down on the other side of fence before crossing. Always climb over a fence near the fence post where its most You need to be able to identify what your shooting before you shoot it. Dont shoot over hills etc where you cant see who might be on the other side. You shouldnt shoot at water point blank it might ricochet back at you.
I grew up in Arkansas to and hunted everything that was legal to shot and some stuff that wasn't. lol. My only suggestion would be that you try deer or even squirrel first. Duck hunting can get real expensive, especially if your just starting and need all the equipment, besides the fact that it's harder than it looks. I would start with deer hunting and if you like maybe gradually move on to Duck.
Our ranch is located in Arkansas and everyone hunts. The only time I don't see people dressed in Mossy Oak or Cammo is during Church. My father also passed away soon after buying my first rifle when I was 9yrs old. So I can some what understand your situation.

My best advice is getting your hunter's permit. This is something you're going to need to legally hunt and it's full of really good information. Then I would start asking around with your friends and see if they hunt. This year is my first season to hunt and I couldn't have done it without my friends. If this doesn't work out, I suggest asking around with some of your church members. Arkansas people are big on hunting and Sunday Church. So you got a good chance of locating someone who can help or at least point you in the right direction. Also look around and see if there is any hunting clubs.

Be safe and have fun,
I suggest in addition to starting with the hunter's education course you get active in an online forum. I did a search and found this one for Arkansas...

Be honest (from your question I believe that won't be a problem for you) and I suspect you will get some invites. Even if you don't, you will learn a ton on the forum. If that forum doesn't seem very active (from the number of posts it seemed pretty active), do an internet search for some other groups.

For what it is worth, I grew up in a similar situation, and really learned to hunt and fish as my own children developed an interest. It WILL work out for you and I admire your foresight to the time when you have kids!

One last tip...a great scouting tool for deer hunting is Google Earth. More for deer hunting I guess.

Best of luck to you!
Duck Hunting?

Step 1: Buy a Nintendo Entertainment System circa 1977.

Step 2: Obtain a NES Zapper ( the orange gun to shoot with )

Step 3: Obtain a copy of Duck Hunt for NES circa 1984

Step 4: Hook up your system, put the game in the console, turn the power on.

Step 5: Begin shooting ducks until the dog peaks out of the bushes to laughs at you.

If you go to church, One of the men there would probably be willing to take you. If you don't, a friend's family prob. would, or anything along those lines.

In my exp, nearly everyone I've known, has enjoyed taking 'new' people out just as much as actually 'hunting' itself.

Good Luck finding a 'mentor'
I suggest you find a friend or have your mom find a friend that she works with to take you out to hunt for the first few times. It willl be a lot safer that way and you'll enjoy it alot more in the long run.
find some duck blind camo, a duck blind, duck call and a good shotgun and you are ready to shoot some birds friend. duck hunting is fairly simple. at least my way.
Like 700 Nitro said, find a local club and join. They should be more than willing to help you out. If not, find a different one.
You already asked this question...............?
Find a adult family friend......or a adult mentor. I bet the hunting clubs or gun clubs would be happy to help you.
Me personally, I think duck hunting is the best kind of hunting out there. Ive been hunting since i was about five (12 yrs.) and ive gotten alot of experience under my belt. To become a great duck hunter you have to hunt as much as you can and you have to be devoted to learn new things by information from a book or internet and by learning from personal experience in the field.

ive got some tips for starting out, First you need a shotgun. Unless you already have a shotgun, I suggest you get a 12 ga. Remington 870 Express Super Magnum because they are the most reliable shotgun out there, ive had one for 2 years and so far its never let me down.

Next, you are gonna need some ammo, your gonna need some 12 ga. steel shot, my personal favorite brand of ammo would be Kent Fast Steel.

Next, you will need some good hunting gear, you can go on Cabelas or go to a sporting goods store near you. for clothes you will need a warm coat, chest waders, and a warm hat. If you plan on duck calling I would look on cabelas, my favorite brand of duck call is Zink Calls. There is tons of choices for waterfowling gear on Cabelas like Duck calls, duck decoys, duck blinds blinds, clothers, ammo, etc. (鈥?/a>

Once you get your gear you need to purchase a hunting licence and understand the game laws and regulations. Then you need to find some land to hunt on, if you know any farmers ask if you can hunt their land. You will be able to find public land to hunt on but the land is probably crowded with people or people are over hunting the land. also if you have friends that duck hunt ask if you can hunt with them to gain knowledge and experiance.

Before you go out hunting you will probably want to gets some knowledge. you can find so many things on the internet about how to duck hunt (ex. ). you can find lots of knowledge from hunting magizines and books. once you gathered enough info to start hunting you will be able to learn more by hunting in the field. Hunting as much as you can will give you experiance.

I hope this info has helped you out. it would take me forever for me to write everything I know about duck hunting down but this will be enough info to steer you in the right path. I hope you hit the ducks hard this year. Good luck and happy hunting.

P.s. below are some helpful sites

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