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I am doing a hunting camo themed wedding. I need some advice with decorations and sorts. Any suggestions?

The girls are wearing brown and green dresses and the guys have their mossy oak vests and ties. I am not sure what to use as the center pieces and wedding favors. What kind of flowers should I have? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!I am doing a hunting camo themed wedding. I need some advice with decorations and sorts. Any suggestions?
You should have dark green table cloths and low vases filled with water, in these you should place floating duckies.鈥?/a>

make sure you use cat tails in your bouquet.I am doing a hunting camo themed wedding. I need some advice with decorations and sorts. Any suggestions?
you can give away little baby trees as favors for your guests. or some venison jerky or something. how about making candle holders out of some small logs. you can lay them flat, drill some bigger holes (not all the way through the log) and put different sized candles in them, you can probly find some really cool twisted pieces of wood for each table to do this. lay some real or fake leaves around the log, maybe some pine tree twigs and little pine cones. My husband and I were just in a wedding and all the guys are big hunters also and my husband made this standing heart out of foam (or you could do wood) with lots of bells hanging in the center, people shot a Nerf bow%26amp;arrow through the heart for the bride and groom to kiss (instead of clinking glasses) it was really a cute idea and got people interacting. You could put some kind of gong or something out instead for them to shoot at, the bells were a little hard to hear.
You're kidding, right?
Give the bridesmaids capguns and the groomsmen deer antler headwear. Let the shootout begin as you are pronounced man and wife. Give out duck and turkey callers to guests to blow as you leave the procession. What better way to send you two on the honeymoon to live in the ';wild and rut'; and scrape a few trees celebration?? Let the hunt begin.......Yehaww!!

Come on and let some give other advice any better.....I hope you like this one because it's not to put down but it's to enjoy the fun of ideas between friends.
You could incorporate pine cones and branches and maybe some camp-type lanterns (add fresh batteries) or tealight candle holders for your centerpieces.

Oriental Trading Company has a lot of camouflage and hunting themed items like bags which you can just fill with candy and other favors.
Hi Erin,

My son is dedicated hunter. Sounds like you know the scoop! Ever think of orange as in safety gear? Now is a good time to buy the crape paper banners and streamers. Orange and green and beige. Then you could have Fall colors for the floral arrangements, and you could have a beautiful fall arrangement for your bouquet, with moss lining the undersides of the bouquets. You would look good if you had fall colored ribbons streaming from the bouquets also. What about leaves with fall colors dribbled down the center line of the tables with little bows and arrows made out of construction paper for name placements at the brides table. The Bride and groom could have a special placement set for them: ie: the bride leaning against a tree with a rifle, and a rope holding the groom upside down from a branch with a sign that says ';I got Him. You could even use real trees and branches. Clay would work good for the figures here. Sounds like a lot of work huh? Scrap that. Any way, I think that you could use the fall colors and foliage to become incorporated into your theme really well. How about a basket of bunny tails? Better yet you wear the bunny tail on the honeymoon. Enjoy your wedding!
Hi and congratulations!

This question has been asked is the same advice that I gave to someone else:

Here is a site with EVERYTHING you will need - from favors to invitations:鈥?/a>

For centerpieces, there are lots of links on the above site, or simply go with different sizes of pillar candles in dark brown and green. In your search, make sure you look for ';mossy oak'; and NOT ';camouflage.'; The ';camouflage'; is usually ';military green';.

Another site to go to is

This question has been asked lots on there with other brides who are doing the same theme giving feedback.

Good luck!
how about using something that looks like a tree trunk and spreading mossy looking moss on it? lol. that sounded so stupid.
I've gotta say, this is a cool idea....I especially like the idea of the mossy oak vests and ties.

Good luck!
Wow, that's different. I bet you guys will have a lot of fun.

Instead of flowers for centerpieces, Try to be creative; get some camo material, little guns and deer or bear knickknacks and make the centerpieces.

This is going to take some creativity but have fun!

If I can think of anything, I'll be sure to get back to you.

Maybe this will give you some ideas.鈥?/a>
Brings new meaning to the term Shotgun wedding!! Haha, just kidding, Actually the colors you picked sound nice. How about a centerpiece with branches in it (or pussy willow) Kind of woodsy %26amp; organic.

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