Sunday, January 24, 2010

Unique/ Hunting/fishing gift ideas for the OTHER???

Hi everyone, I am looking for some unique hunting/fishing gift ideas for my other half. I really am stuck on him this year. Years past I had a whole list of idea's of stuff to get him. Now that we have been together for so long im stuck. Can any of you out there give me any good idea's for him?Unique/ Hunting/fishing gift ideas for the OTHER???
Bass pro shop is having a big sale for Christmas

1st link is hunting 2nd link is fishing

They also sell gift cards you can purchase any value, give him the choice to shop on line with the gift card, that way you KNOW he is getting something he wantsUnique/ Hunting/fishing gift ideas for the OTHER???
I have used Bass Pro Shop, very good stuff! very dependable! Good luck in your shopping, and thanks for picking me as BA

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What kind of fishing or hunting does he like to do?

One special gift that goes on forever is to have any special picture of them with their big catch or animal enlarged and framed!
you could get him some new boots - Five!


Whoops 4 Im a dumb a s s.
A gift certificate/card may just be your answer. Links will direct ya' to some very reputable sites. Hope this helps ;)...


Bass Pro:鈥?/a>
best thing I can tell you is to tell him to give you suggestions or by him a new boat I am always up for a new boat hard to tell you something he might want we do not know what kind of fishing he does or what he already has

good luck and remember that is the thought that counts
maybe get him all the new fishing gare.... or maybe new boots, or鈥?/a>

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