Friday, January 22, 2010

What gun should i go deer hunting with?

I have a 3'; 20 gauge, will that work?What gun should i go deer hunting with?
Most definitely, load that thing up with 2's or a slug and you are good to go. 20 ga. possess the same velocity as 12, but with slightly less shot, as an added bonus, less kick.What gun should i go deer hunting with?
its not a bad guy I used that my first year hunting, little kick back but not that powerful. I'd suggest using a 12 gauge has a kick back so that might be a make or break thing. Or you can use a rifle that has the capabilities of using a scope. Its all in preference and what you can handle with kick back.
your 20 guage will work with 3 inch slugs or the shorter ones.

I'd keep the range down to under 50 yards if you can... especially using a 20 gauge. I used to hunt southern Michgan below the shotgun line and found I could usually find an ';bow'; range shot during gun season--- if I was smart about setting my stands and blinds up right.
Depends on which state you live in as to what gun you can use...I am from WV and we always used hi powered rifles..first choice was 30.06 second was 30.30....I now live in Ohio and do not hunt any more but I had to use a shot gun in this state....20 ga is ok but I personally think you need something least a 16 or 12
if what you want is a rifle i would say a Mosin-Nagant rifle you can get a descent on for 100-200 dollars

if you want a shotgun personally i would want a 12 gauge but a 2o gauge would work
In the Thumb, that's what you'd have to use since you're below the shotgun/rifle line. With all that farmland down there, you should be able to get some pretty substantial-sized deer.

Yes at real close range of 40-50yds...a little more with a slug barrel.

You can get a old Mosin for 100 bucks or so and that would be lots better unless you hunting woods only....
* Yes it will work.*
Yes. It is all you need to take down a deer.
You will do fine with a 3'; 20 gauge shotgun.
Yes, that will work, use slugs.
With 3'; slugs, you are good to go.
where do you live the law varies

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