Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is the best 2.2 cal pellet to use when hunting?

hi i shoot an air-arms tx200 2.2 cal.i shoot rats, rabbit, pigeon, squirrel, hare, crows and magpie. i have been using rws super H points but i was wondering if there is any better pellets out there. most of my shooting is above 30 yards so need a pellet witch is accurate at this distance but also have the same stopingg power as the super h points THANKSWhat is the best 2.2 cal pellet to use when hunting?
No two rifles are the same - so pick the pellet that drops the best groups from your rifle. The TX is pretty accurate, so plenty of brands should achieve acceptable (1';@30m) results. Beyond that it's price, which is a big deal, you want to plink loads - plenty of practice is a far bigger deal than minute pellet differences.

Think about how intact/modestly expanded pellets are when you pick them out of a phone directory (or similar) and this is a much harder target than flesh. No pellet, pointed, domed, HP or alloy/synthetic will produce anything but a simple hole through its target. Some specialist pellets are so lightly constructed that expansion is achieved but with the price of almost no penetration %26amp; the risk of not achieving the desired organ/neural trauma.What is the best 2.2 cal pellet to use when hunting?
JSB Predator Pellets, pretty expensive but they will get the job done on larger game such as rabbits, hares and crows i dont use them on squirrels because they will over penetrate and not make a clean kill. they are 16 grains and the best hunting pellet on the market

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