Monday, January 18, 2010

When picking a hunting rifle what size barrel is the best for what size gun.?

in general, a 20-22 inch barrel is a good choice. However, it depends on what is being hunted and other specific hunting condition questions.

If you are specifically getting a carbine, then a 16.5-18 inch barrel is commonWhen picking a hunting rifle what size barrel is the best for what size gun.?
akluis is right on for the barrell lengths.

generally speaking, the longer the barrell, the more velocity that can be obtained from a particular round. therefore, a longer barrel is better suited for longer range. however, longer barrel means slower handling, especially in dense cover.

a carbine, or short barrel rifle is much handier for most hunting situations and will be lighter to carry for long periods in the field.

in higher powered rifles, a longer barrel is preferable to get the most out of the particular cartridge, and most manufacturers will take this into consideration when the gun is made.

unless you are custom ordering a rifle, you may not have a choice in barrell lengthsWhen picking a hunting rifle what size barrel is the best for what size gun.?
Depends. I like my old .25-06 Remington Model 700 with the 24'; barrel but one day a Bobcat tried to get into a shooting blind with me. I quickly learned that you can't really maneuver a rifle with a 24'; barrel around inside a shooting blind for a quick shot. Fortunately the cat fled when I turned on my flashlight but ever since then I carry a handgun for backup when I hunt.

My hunting rifles now have: Two with 23'; barrels, two w/24'; barrels, two w/22'; barrels, and two w/20'; barrels. Plus a Winchester Trapper with a 16'; barrel.

Carbine for short range.* 26'; barrel for longer ranges.* 30-30 in a carbine.* 30-06 with a 26' barrel for longer ranges.*
Carbines usually 18 to 20 inches

Rifles of medium bore usually 22 inches

Most Magnums are 24 or 26 inches.

These balance well for the calibers for which they are chambered.
we would need to know what you wish to hunt for before we could give you a good answer
go to walmart and ask one of their experts
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