Monday, January 18, 2010

Going speculative job hunting tomorrow ?

How should I approach this... lI am going to go everywhere I would work (retail).....

Should I ask to speak to the manager ?

...ask them about any jobs ? and give them a CV ?

Should I include a cover letter (or not) ? (keeping in mind I am just going in to see if theres any jobs?

and should I put the CV (and letter) in an enveope or just hand the sheets to them ?

any advice ?

THanks !Going speculative job hunting tomorrow ?
Go anywhere you are interested in working, even if they dont appear to be hiring. Ask to speak to the person in charge of hiring, be sure to bring along plenty of resumes, and leave time to fill out the application there if they happen to give you one. I wouldn't include a cover letter - you wouldn't be able to personalize them. You could however, write nice personal letters to the people you spoke with, thanking them for taking the time to meet you, letting them know you are still interesting in working there and looking forward to hearing back from them, and giving them contact information in case they require any further information. Be sure to follow up! Good luck!

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