Monday, January 18, 2010

Shroom hunting in the midwest?

What weather conditions increase my odds of finding the species psylocibe cubensis in central Illinois in cow pastures?Shroom hunting in the midwest?
In cooler weather, with recent rainfall is the most likely times, early mornings, but please read on, it's something I wrote as an answer to another question about ';Magic Mushrooms';...

There are a number of field guides for the identification of mushrooms and other fungus available, and you should get a good one.

Many mushrooms look very much alike, but one may be edible, the other deadly.

In one case, a family a few years ago in the Pacific Northwest, gathered some mushrooms they thought were safe, but caused liver failure to everyone in the family, and it was a medical miracle they lived, with multiple liver transplants.

Collecting mushrooms can kill you if you get it wrong, a good field guide will show you how to identify them, including taking a spore print for positive I.D.

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