Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rock and gem hunting in the bay area for kids?

Are there any places I can take a couple of gem/rock crazy kids to go rock/gem hunting in the Bay Area (CA)?Rock and gem hunting in the bay area for kids?
Well, a couple hours out of the Bay Area ( I used to commute everyday) is the Modesto Mother Lode Mineral Society. They have a wonderful Junior Lapidary Club that meets once a month and also sponsors rockhound field trips and lapidary classes for those under 18.

I've been involved with them for a couple of years now. The group is a non-profit educational organization that's been around for 71 years.

Unfortunately, you just missed their annual show but put it on the calendar for next year--it's always the second weekend in March. People come from all over the state for this show.

Click on the link below for more information on the club and the juniors' acitivities.Rock and gem hunting in the bay area for kids?
I live In the bay area Down a ways theres moonstone beach I always went there as a kid but I also heard there some tide pools around santa cruz.(you can also buy bags of shells,gems stones,at shell shops pet stores,michaels and hide them around and act surprised when they find and show them to you.) only as an last ditch effort.

Good luck
Other than the above, not so much in the Bay Area. The Sierra Nevadas, about 2 hours east have lots of places for rock hunting.

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