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Is a crosman 760 pumpmaster strong enough for squirrel hunting?

i only have two BB guns, a daisy red ryder, which i know wouldn't do squat to a squirrel, and a pumpmaster, would the 760 pumpmaster be good for squirrel huntingIs a crosman 760 pumpmaster strong enough for squirrel hunting?
Not really. You'd have to be close and get a head shot, otherwise you will just seriously wound it, it will run off and die a painful prolonged death. That is unnecessary, unethical and illegal. I'm sure you wouldn't want to do that.

To kill a squirrel look for a .22 caliber pellet gun (2x the mass and killing power of a .177) with a velocity in excess of 700 fps.

Learn to be a good shot on paper targets. One shot, one kill. That's ethical hunting.Is a crosman 760 pumpmaster strong enough for squirrel hunting?
With a well placed head shot.yes it will drop it.Ive had expireince.

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I don't know about squirrels (never bagged them) but definitely enough for mice, I can tell you stories, but in short even if you use bbs instead of pellets, you will kill them. For a squirrel I would say you can but you shouldn't but if you want to do it you will (I'm not gonna stop you)

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I hunt partridge with my pellet gun, .17 cal and 500fps, headshots needed for a clean kill, although breast or wing shot will stun it long enough for me to run over there and ring it's neck.

Go for the head, but be ready to keep shooting if you wound it. .22 cal would pack a lot more punch...
I had a 760 as a youngster and tried to hunt squirrels with it. After one bad expierence with a lost animal after numerous hits I quit. I got a Diana spring gun and then was able to take squirrels and rabbits cleanly, but only with head shots. I was handicaped by only being able to get diablo style pellets in my area in those days. I wouldn't hunt with a 760. If you like pump guns get a Benjiman or a Sheriden.
this question has been done to death............everybody has a different opinion.........mine is no BB gun should be used for hunting
I killed a squirrel in my backyard w/ a 760. I pumped it to the max, used a pointed pellet and was maybe 12 yards away. She jumped around 5 or 6 times and then lay still. Pretty good, eh?
you will have to be close and go for a head shot
You, can hunt squirrels with anything you want, like a BB gun, pellet rifle, a stick, rock or even an empty beer can. BUT, if your intentions are to kill said squirrels, you would do better with a real gun, like a .22 caliber rifle, rather than a toy.

Before going hunting with any type of weapon, be sure to take a gun/hunter safety course.
I'm not sure what kind of velocity you can get with this particular pellet gun. Personally, I don't recommend shooting at small game with a pellet gun that shoots anything less than 900 fps. I've skinned out too many squirrels and rabbits that had pellets just under their skin from under powered guns. Also, check local laws. In many areas it's illegal to hunt small game with pellet guns. Do your best to get very close and take only clean head shots to dispatch the animal quickly and cleanly.
I killed a few squirrels with my 760, but you should save up and get a .22 instead unless you are hunting somewhere you have to be more quiet. If you stay with the 760, use pointed pellets and make sure you pump your 760 all the way up (10 pumps), but don't ever pump it more than 10 times. Over pumping is bad for the gun. Squirrels are tough, and make sure they are dead before you pick them up. One time I shot a squirrel through the head with my 10/22 Ruger and when I picked it up it woke up and tried to bite me. I had to beat it to death with a stick. That was no fun at all.
Hello,,sure it is, but you'd better be a darn good shot and get as close as you possibly can. I'm not sure of the distance you can get so pratice makes perfect. good luck.

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