Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Would you rather go hunting with Cheney or carpool with Kennedy?

Why don't we go hunting with Cheney and Kennedy in an all-terrain vehicle? That would last about five minutes...Would you rather go hunting with Cheney or carpool with Kennedy?
Hunting. At least with Cheney no one was killed. Besides, I'd like to think that I'm smart enough not to take the lead on a hunting trip.

EDIT: Funny Tracy, I assumed the Kennedy spoken of was JFK, yet there is that whole Chipawhatever thing that Teddy was involved in.

Still, I'd rather go hunting. At least I'd have a gun in my hand that could possibly be used to protect myself. Who knows what REALLY happened with Teddy, or for that matter JFK.Would you rather go hunting with Cheney or carpool with Kennedy?
Hunting with Cheney. Mostly 'cause there are some relly cute Secret Service agents, and it shouldn't be that difficult to 'dump' Cheney in the woods for a while while I have my fun.

Wouldn't want to be alone in a car with someone who looks like Kennedy. He's just a teensy bit creepy.

Is there a way I can get out of doing both of these things? If I went hunting with Cheney I might just turn the gun on myself before he got a chance to do it for me and carpooling with Kennedy... definitely not on my top ten list of things to do. :-)
I'd rather swear at my wife with McCain.
Kennedy, because I am not comfortable with a Conservative holding a gun.... I will be Kennedy's DD (Designated Driver for the teetotalers in the group :) )
Neither! For starters, I hate hunting and I might get shot by Cheney. Second, I don't exactly trust Kennedy's driving ability.
What if I'd rather have Kennedy go hunting with Cheney? We'll let Kennedy drive.
Hunting with Cheney with Kennedy dressed like a deer
Hunting with Cheney ANY day!

Hell, I'd hunt with Ted.

I like hunting.
Hunting, any time. At least Cheney isn't a drunk 24/7.
Carpool. I can swim.
hunting, at least i can shoot back...what am i gonna do with ted, drown him back?
I'll go hunting and have him walk slightly in the lead.

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