Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where to find hunting clubs?

Where can i find a decent hunters club where you dont have to pay for enrty fees and blah blah.

A club that actually goes out and hunts as a group and doesnt just talk ab out it over the net.

google didnt work i only got hunting websites and hunter resourses and hunting gear.Where to find hunting clubs?
You could also place a ';want ad'; in your local papers or craigslist.Where to find hunting clubs?
Contact your Inland Fish and Wildlife Dept. Contact Game Warden Dept.You can also go to most gun stores and they will have info. Attend local turkey or ham shoots at any of a number of sportsman's clubs. You can also talk with the Chief of Police, he will know all of the hunting clubs in your area and what they offer. Tagger

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