Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is the (deer) hunting like in Virginia?

in md and de its pretty good. so i hear. i dont hunt. too much of a tree loving bambi kisser to shoot a deer. hubby has done it. although my mom has killed more deer with her car than my husband ever has with his gun.....What is the (deer) hunting like in Virginia?
deer are everywhere in Virginia...even in the cities...but most tend to be small to medium sized. Problem with hunting in Virginia is that its very difficult to find private land that will allow you to hunt, unless you own the land yourself. There is a lot of public land open to hunting but it can get over crowded. Try southern and south west Virginia to have the best chance of finding a good spot to yourself...northern virginia is mostly urbanized these days, and central virginia is getting over crowded quickly...What is the (deer) hunting like in Virginia?
Poor, it's hard enough to just find land let alone deer. All the deer are in the neighborhoods. I've been hunting in VA 6 years and only got 1, it was a midsized doe taken at 167yards with a .50cal black powder rifle.

EDIT; the only reason I used a Black powder rifle is that it is illegal to use a rifle for deer in places east of Amelia County. I HATE BLACK POWDER RIFLES!
if you have private property then yes, i have a grandad who has a 100 acre ranch up there and last year alone they killed 10-15 deer, the only thing is the are relatively small. i would reccomend a .243 and not a .50 Black powder rifle, altough i do use a 30-30
Why don't you go to PA instead, much better..
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