Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some people say that hunting is a privlage.Is that right?

i dont believe is a privlage but a right! do you agree?Some people say that hunting is a privlage.Is that right?
I am fortunate to live in the gun-friendly state of Oklahoma which recently (overwhelmingly) adopted a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing it's citizen's the right to hunt, fish and trap. The people of Oklahoma did this to preempt the anti-hunting and anti-gun lobbyists from gaining a foothold here.Some people say that hunting is a privlage.Is that right?
Hunting is a right

Hunting on public property has been deemed a privilege

Licensing has nothing to do with whether it is a right or priviledge unless you are willing to concede that bearing arms is a priviledge because you need a license to do so off your property

Just like driving our forefathers forfeited the right to call it a right by allowing the government to tell us if we could or could not do it, but that only applies to government owned or leased public land
Yes and no.

It's a privilege to be able to go out in the woods, enjoy what God has given us and to be able to harvest an animal if the opportunity presents itself. Because we all know that there are not as many places for us to hunt as there were long ago.

Also, with how the government is now, it definitely is one.

But no because we shouldn't have to worry about what other people think when we want to enjoy what we have been given.
Game and state owned land is part of the public trust.

Like a lot of other activities...rights and entitlements are two distinct issues.

Follow the rules... act like a lady or gentleman..hunt with ethics and be responsible's your ';right'; only if you follow the rules that make up the social contract.

We dont have a ';right'; to a driver licence.. we must meet some requirements... and if we dont -it can be revoked. Hunting is the same.

Even if we did not have rules...basic human morality would ask us to be reasonable and responsible in our quest to satisfy our needs.
It is Both a Right and a Privilege.* Because no one actually owns Wildlife whether it be an Individual or a State Agency,and it is not really considered Personal Property belonging or Owned by Anyone Legally.**
It used to be a Right.

It still is, in general, but with the population large, and the need

for game management the general Right,

has become an individual privilege.

Licenses are required, and rules obeyed for the common good.
It is a priviledge. You never have to purchase a license for a right.

It is a priviledge that can be taken away in a court of law for not obeying hunting regulations and laws.
It is a right to earn the privilege. You see with out the safety courses and guidelines and rules well we would not have anything to hunt, and we would all have a better chance of being hurt. I like it as is.
Yes. You need a hunting license to hunt, so it is a privilege, unlike freedom of speech, which is a right. You don't need a special card to say what you think.
Owning a firearm is a right. Hunting is a privilege. It requires a license.

hunting is a right, and a duty. it's our responsibility as Americans to keep the wildlife populations under control
Yes, that is right. Some people say that hunting is a privilege.
In the year 2009 yes it is a privilege.
All I'll say is you have a right to feed your family.Do what you must.

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