Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My little brother is hunting and he is wondering if you think he could shoot a 300 mag?

To answer your question: Yes any body can shoot any gun.

Now to be more specific it depends on his size, strength, and skill in order to determine if he can do it safely and efficiently.

Generally larger men tend to used the 300 win mag. I'm sure smaller men and women will do it. But more commonly you see full grown men with them.My little brother is hunting and he is wondering if you think he could shoot a 300 mag?
I've included a recoil comparison table link below.

For the most part the 300 Win Mag (WSM,H%26amp;H,Weatherby,etc also) is a very stout recoiling cartridge and it isn't recommended for smaller and/or younger shooters who might not be able to handle the actual recoil energy well or get into poor shooting habits. A 30-06 with about 20 pounds of recoil energy is about most the average shooter can shoot comfortably. I bought my first 30-06 when I was 14, and I was average sized. I have a 300 WSM and 30-06 in same type rifle now and the 300 isn't a beast but the 30-06 is a joy to shoot compared to it.

Even if I were larger the 300 Mags would rock me pretty well.

I don't have a flinch response to shooting the 300,but I've seen way too many people who do.

Good technique and practice is going to help with the recoil from any rifle,but the Mag loads do have a tendency to overwhelm the body unless you really know your stuff.

Without specifics, it is hard to say what your brother is capable of shooting,but I know i wouldn't let anyone not comfortable shooting a 30-06,308 or similar rifle for 5 shots fire off a single 300 Mag round.鈥?/a>My little brother is hunting and he is wondering if you think he could shoot a 300 mag?
Probably not. It's a very specialized cartridge, and it's unlikely the hunting he does is exactly the type for which it's best. You gave no details at all (the game he's hunting, or the area he's hunting in), but I'd bet he has a case of ';magnumitis,'; a common failing in the inexperienced.
depends how he takes the recoil anyone can shoot a gun but not everyone can handell a recoil right depends if he know how to shoot or if when he pulls the trigger it smacks his face. depends if your little brother is 5 or 15 because he will be better at handeling at 15
naaaah, I would go with something like the .577 t-rex or the .475, if your goin for broke, then might as well go all they way.
You would have to say how old he is. I'm 13 years and my 12 gauge and all 12 gauges in general don't even phase me. If he can handle a 12 gauge with a 3'; shell, he can handle a .300 Mag.
Depends what size he is and how strong and if he is tough and not a whiner.....
hunting is not a sport because in a sporting event, both sides have a chance to win
More detail. If he can handle a 12 ga, then yes.
well how much does he way it may kick a lil good luck
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