Monday, January 18, 2010

Hunting feral swine in Michigan?

I have 2 questions. What kind of enviornment does the feral swine live in? And has anybody seen them in northern michigan?Hunting feral swine in Michigan?
Feral swine are pretty adaptable, which actually is one of the biggest reasons that they are a problem. They are legal to kill in any county where they have become established. Which means yes most of Northern Mich has reported them. The second link has a map of reported kills and they are pretty well distributed around the state.

I'm borderline Northern/Central depending on how you look at it. I have heard of a few people finding them within 3-4 miles of me. They way it works is if you're out legally hunting and see one in any of the 67 counties that allow it, you're encouraged to shoot them. Any kind of valid hunting license works. For the other few counties that don't, as soon as they figure that they're there they're ok to shoot. And guess what, if you see one there will be more, so if you happen to be in one of the few that don't allow it yet, I wouldn't be afraid to shoot one anyway, they are treated as vermin and they want them eradicated.Hunting feral swine in Michigan?
Sheesh... I strongly doubt it. (No Mich)

I was very surprised to hear that wild pig are starting to show up in So Colorado.

In California they favor the more moderate parts of that state, typically not going over 2,000 feet and only dealing with a bit of snow. (I think you Mich folks would have a hard time contemplating a California winter.)

But in theory.... with true feral Russian boars being a major part of the mix...???


Funny. right after I made that post I chanced on a you-tube video showing feral pig, suggesting that some of them are becomng even more aggressive and are more of a Euro-Boar mix, and showing them in some fairly deep snow!!

And I can attest to how much damage they do. It looks like someone went at it with a monster rotor tiller. Impressive.

If the numbers are starting get high enough that you see them (or their sign) and not too many hunters yet?? Could be awesome hunting...
Dude are you familiar with the area between standish mi and west branch mi, there are a lot of wild pigs in the old alger truck trails, between I-75 and M-30,form M-61 and just south of west branch, I hunt this area deer season and on my property 40 acres just south of skid way lake by the rifle river.I am hunting this year by my self do to my two brothers passing away last year. E;mail me if you want to check it out and tell me a Little about your self.I live in royal oak mi.
I think when I get mad at folks from now on I'm just gonna call them a Ferrol swine!

Now hows that for some cursin'?.........LOLOLOL!!!!!!!

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