Monday, January 18, 2010

Hunting animal for food or sport is good give three reason?

I hunt for food and I sport hunt as well. I eat what I hunt and even when sport hunting in Africa the meat is donated to the local villages for food. Hunting is a tradition, a means of providing for ones family, and a form of bonding with family and friends. Nuff said!!!Hunting animal for food or sport is good give three reason?
I hunt for food. the sport part is when you get a big buck, elk, or antelope but it is still used for food.

other types of sport only hunts like a wolf or cat hunt for instance are only used to keep these animal populations under control and are very strict with only a few tags issued and you have to report the kill immediately and the area's are closed to hunting when the quota's are met to insure the animals are not over hunted.

So the three for food would be

#1 Cheap meat

#2 preservation of the species ( too many deer in one place will spread disease amongst the species).

#3 hunting dollars ( from tags, and taxes) go to land management and preservation.

the three for sport are

#1 preservation of the species (too many big cats in one area have adverse affects on everything from cattle, poodles and other game animals)

#2 Hunting for sport costs more so more money is donated to land management and preservation.

#3 And although not the best good reason we as humans haven't been the best stewards to the land and animals and now we have to take unfortunate measures to keep things in balance. Hunting animal for food or sport is good give three reason?
confusing question, but I will answer anyway.

I hunt for both, but i don't abuse the meat when I hunt for sport.

I normally give anything I shoot, away to a shelter if I don't eat it myself.

It gives food to homeless people, or people in need of a meal.

Hunting certain animals prohibits over population, and disease.

It's recreational, and fun if you do it the right way, and a good thing to teach your children.

1%26gt; To do what hunters have been doing for centuries, pursuing and hunting wildlife.* #2%26gt; Deriving enjoyment, pleasure, fun, excitement from pursuing and hunting game in its environment, and at the same time learning, growing, and experiencing the great outdoors, and becoming a better hunter in the process.* #3 Harvesting the game that I am pursuing for myself, family, friends, and fellow hunters for the great eating it provides.*
hunting for sport you kill just to kill

you waste the animal when others starve

the animal goes to no use

hunting for food you used the animal

you killed for a reason

you can feed your family for the price of a bullet.

Or you could just go to a competition and kill the animal win a trophy and then bring home the animal and eat it

1 - A 308 round costs about 1.25, that round will get me about 125 lbs of deer meat (small deer in my area) - let's see that's $0.01 per pound

2 - A .30 carbine round is about $0.35 and just got me 200 pounds of wild pig thats $0.00175 per pound

3 - A .17 HMR round is $0.74 and will get me a rabbit

Beef is too expensive

Pork is too expensive

Rabbits too expensive

Your question is kinda confusing. i hunt for food have to keep the population down or the spiecies wont survive.

2wild deer is healthy i know what is in my deer i harvest

3 stock my freezer with deer lot cheaper than beef or pork or chicken .

Remember deer is fast food (thats a joke they run fast get it?)
1. Because we humans are predators so it's a completely natural function

2. Wild game is healthier for you than commercially raised animals

3. Tens of millions of dollars of property damage caused each year by excessive numbers of certain game animals

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