Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why are people against hunting game animals?

I'm not, I have a deer head mounted in my living room. We call him ';Bucky';.

If you eat the meat, I have no problem with it. It's the people that just shoot to kill and then leave the body. If an animal gives it's life for you, you better damn well eat it.Why are people against hunting game animals?
If you would like to be able to refute the absurd arguments of the anti-hunter.

';The Politically Incorrect Guide To Hunting'; - Frank Miniter %26gt; are people against hunting game animals?
They don't realize it is a humain and sustainable practice. They watched Bambi as children and that's where they still get their information from.
Lack of education is the main reason people protest hunting. I hear it most often about my passion for hunting with hounds. They think my hounds do all the work and after I shoot it out of the tree it lands in the bed of my truck. Well most nights hound hunting I walk over 10 miles over rough terrain with no road syestems or trails all in the cover of darkness. I typacally hunt problem animals that are causing problems with crops livestock or people and it should be pointed out that if wildlife is not kept in check, serious consequences will result. People fail to realize ways in whitch uncontrolled wildlife populations can affect the inviorment and the future of a wildlife population itself. Diseases can spread and decimate heards or flocks whitch have become overpopulated. Vegitation can be destroyed and preadators begin wreaking havoc on nesting areas, including those of indangered species. Preadators will kill and eat endangered species as fast as non threatened species. Furthermore agricultural crops that many small communities depend on can be destroyed. In the case of mountain lions, livestock and family pets are on the menu. I hunt for food, fur, and management purposes. Nothing goes to waste and everything is harvested ethically and legally. Also it should be noted that wild animals have a short list of ways that their lives come to an end. hit by cars, disease, preadators, starvation. Disease and starvation can be managed out of the list almost entirly. This leaves being struck by a car, being ate by a preadator, or gun/bow. Personally I would rather be shot than ate by a lion. Don't get me started about beef cows being led to the pen where they will be shot. Again I would rather be a free range animal that makes his own terms.
They are probably vegetarians; which is another way of saying ';poor hunter';.
A lack of understanding of our sport!! we hunt for food and for the adventure. plain fact is that no one does more for wild animals than the hunters.. go ahead anti hunters argue with me if you must,, but how many food plots, habitat restorations and how much money have they paid to ensure that these animals thrive.. none! they just need something to complain about. not to mention the impact of hunting and fishing on the economy,, hunters and fisherman spend out billions of dollars a year in equipment and liscense fees not to mention hotels and eating on hunting trips.. keep up the good work all of my fellow hunters and envolve your children to ensure the future of our sport
several reasons, like never seeing animals starving and suffering from over grazing their habitat. They see the animals in the wild and enjoy them, not realizing that it is the billions of dollar from hunters that pay for the national park programs. They don't realize that the animal herds are the largest and more healthy than in recorded history, due to the proper managment and hunting from the department of fish and game, and hunters.
Usually because they have never tasted the game they would be hunting .

Go PETA....... people eating tasty animals...............
Animals were made to be eaten, that's why they are made of meat !
cause they didnt know bambi tasted good.
Mainly because they have never been exposed to it. They see a cute deer and think ohh, why would anyone kill it. The sight and smell of slaughter repulses them due to them leading overprotective city lives.

Second reason is that they have ZERO education in Wildlife management and conservation. They dont realize that humans are animals and we are a very important part of the food chain.

Many of the animal rights hippies think that the majority of hunters hunt for no other reason than to obtain throphys. Here is the reality, it is illegal to waste the edible portion of wild game animals in the U.S
Most live in cities and think Bambi can really talk.
whats the difference of me going to the butcher shop and paying 20 bucks for a steak than me going out with a 2 dollar remington 30 06 bullet and shooting a deer?....seems cheaper to me and i get the satisfaction of gettign my own meat. Those kind of people annoy the hell did they think we surviced so many years ago?....with microwave dinners?....if they don't like hunting thats fien just don't rub it inot hunters faces....we don't rub it in theirs...not like we drag a dead deer carcass across their lawn....although that would be funny
would you liked to be hunted for fun??

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