Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is the best hunting knife?

That you can buy in AustraliaWhat is the best hunting knife?
Vintage CaseXX, or maybe Old Timer, or Buck!!!What is the best hunting knife?
I believe that BUCK knives are the best made hunting knife IN THE WORLD. It is an american made knife. They come with a lifetime warranty which means if the handle breaks or blade ever chips they will replace the knife. No matter how long you've owned it!

They are fantastic, but don't be supprised to pay $300 or over.

check em out at

Now if you are going for quality but at a good price I just can't go past MUELA. It is a spanish made knife and comes extremely sharp from factory. They make alot of different hunting blades!

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No matter what knife you look at, as long as it feels nice in your hand or fits your purpose and price range, it will be a good knife.

Look at the base of the blade, if it says ';made in China'; don't buy it!

Make sure if you are buying a folding knife it has a blade lock on it and if it is a fixed blade it is a must have for me to have a finger gaurd.

Hope this helps mate.

Happy hunting.
* Schrade *
SOG...look em up theyre way nice

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