Monday, January 18, 2010

What are your views on hunting animals?

i am against it myself!What are your views on hunting animals?
o my god hunting animals did you know that animals have feelings, and everybody should protect their rights to live.... dude come'on they're animals they think killing a dog is wrong but abortion is okWhat are your views on hunting animals?
Hunting animals is a sport that is enjoyable. I think killing animals is alright for survival purposes. But to kill an animal and live it lay to rot is definately wrong. And believe me I have seen this done. I would call in the Game Comission on a person in a heartbeat.
1-Sometimes hunting is needed to keep an animal or bird from over reproducing. Where I live the deer will over reproduce, and can do a lot of damage. But when that happens Mountain lions come and eat them. Then the lions get hungry and start eating people's pets. Then the County hires a hunter to take care of the lion. 2- I grew up hunting and didn't like killing. But we ate everything we killed, which made it seem ok. If I buy meat in a market is that any better than killing it myself? It's not an easy question. Kind of like life.
Animals are so sweet, I would hate to kill an animal, blood + animal = no good at all!! so I speak against it, dont hunt animals...
Humans have been hunting animals thousands of years befor the concept of agriculture (growing their own food) ever dawned on them.
If you are hunting just to kill my answer would be no. If you are hunting to eat then my answer would be yes.
well, I am a hunter, I love to hunt deer, and turkey, and am damn good at it! I use everything, nothing goes to waste. we eat the meat which is much more healthy than beef that's full of hormones, my husband is a taxidermist that makes us a very good living. maybe you should check our how cows and pigs are butchered for YOUR consumption, I am sure my hunting is much more humane!

now let me ask you a question, would you rather good hunters like myself control the deer population, or would you rather hit one with your car? or have them destroy the crops you eat?

get a life tree hugger!

oh and by the way, more deer are killed annually by automobiles than hunters.
I am against hunting animals for trophy. I don't see any reason to kill defenceless creatures and satisfy the human ego thirsty for blood.

On the other hand sometimes it's necessary to hunt down animals- for example when they spread disease or attack people.
Animals were put on this earth under man's dominion and hunting them is not wrong. However, it is our responsiblity to make sure that we don't abuse that power. Now, if an endangered bear is attacking a flock of sheep, by all means kill the bear but we should be careful about not wiping a species extinct.
unless its the only way to feed your family i don't like it, we have grocery stores for a reason
I don't see anything wrong with it if you hunt for food. I don't agree with hunting just for the trophy. Also I think that hunters need more training than they get. If they were, there would be fewer hunting accidents. Hunters should have to prove their marksmanship before getting a license.
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