Monday, January 18, 2010

Hunting with pellet rifle for varmints?

im am courious i have a pellet rifle and i was wondering if i can go hunting for squirrles and small birds at this reserve near my house in chicago i need a license???if so wut kind and would i need to buy tags for everything i shoot?Hunting with pellet rifle for varmints?
Don't do it. If it's a reserve, it's probably illegal to do any kind of hunting in there. If you're going in there to shoot small animals with a pellet gun, that could be considered animal cruelty. It might be illegal for safety reasons also, not just to protect animals.Hunting with pellet rifle for varmints?
this is a kind of difficult subject because regulations are different for different areas. i would recommend that you go to a local sporting goods store or bi-mart or wal-mart and get a hunting regulation guide/handbook and it should answer all of your questions. most birds are illegal to kill unless they are in season or they are considered pests, such as european starlings and crows, as for the squirrels i could not tell you because it differs so much. also it depends on whether the land you are going to be hunting on is private or public. if it is private then get the owners permission before doing anything and if it is public make sure it is ok to hunt on it and watch out for people or pets.
here in cali it is illegal to hunt in the reserve! yes, you have to have a hunting license to hunt, but you need to take a hunter ed class first. go to your local gun shop and they should be able to give you the info you need! as for tags, they are only for big game for the most part and you need a duck stamp to hunt ducks and geese, but need a shot gun for that!
well 99% of the birds that you see are more than likely migratory which means they are illegal to shoot - and i think there is a season on squirels, at least where i live there is and you are supposed to get a small game license
You NEED a license. In most (I'm pretty sure all), if you get caught by the game warden/park ranger plinkin varmint with an air gun WITHOUT a license-your screwed. An air gun under law pretty much counts as a real gun.

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