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How much would an automatic 12 gauge for duck hunting.?

Mossberg makes a good auto loader that you can get for about $400 bucks. but the style type and shot you use can all be factors so you should run alot of shells through the gun to see if you like the pattern.How much would an automatic 12 gauge for duck hunting.?
You can see by the responses you have gotten that no one understands what you are asking, I don't either. What is your real question. How much would a 12ga auto cost? How good would a 12ga auto be? How goos is a 12ga?

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Check out the Stoeger 2000. They sell for under $500 in camo and come with 5 chokes.

They are owned by Benelli, and use the same action, but only take 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells. But with all the fancy duck loads on the market, you really don't need the 3 1/2 inch shells.
you dont need an automatic it helps but a reasonable pump like a mossberg model 500 in a duck or goose barrel is about 159.00 and some used winchester model 870 semi auots are about 250 to 300. but look up the prices in the gun digest at the library or call the local dealers and ask
Perhaps there is a typo in your question. Are you asking for advice on the gun or the shells?

If shells, go with bismuth. Expensive, but they work.

For the gun that is a tougher question. My philosophy is to get the absolute best gun you can. Remember guns are a life time investment. If you think about it that way, the cost over the long haul is not that much per year or per hunting trip etc. Get the gun that fits you and feels the best when you shoulder it. You have already mentioned that you are thinking 12 gauge semi auto. So that narrows it down some. The following is my opinion and only that. Take it for what it is worth. These are guns that I own and I have been quite satisfied with. I am left handed and that comlicates things a bit for me.

Benelli Super Black Eagle (my favorite)

Remington 1187 a timeless classic. 20 gauge and 12 gauge. I have never been disapointed by either of these guns.

I have heard many good things about Browning, Beretta, Winchester, and Weatherby autoloaders but do not own one.

Good luck, hope this was helpful to you.
I'm going to assume you are asking how much a gun for duck hunting would cost. I'm not sure from the accidental typo, so here goes anyway. If you are just looking to hunt ducks, then the weight of the gun isn't a factor (unless you're hiking out quite a ways to get to your blind). If weight is not a factor, then you can pick up a Mossberg, Remington, and the like for between 150 and 350 dollars pretty easily. Buying used is often a good way to go to get quality guns without breaking the bank. Beretta and browning make really good semi auto's, but the price starts to go up here from 300 to 700. The more expensive doesn't always mean a better a shotgun however. Some of the more expensive guns can also be pretty picky about what they will shoot ammo wise. Often times the lighter loads won't feed as efficiently as the high brass hunting loads.. so if you want to practice with low brass skeet shot, you may be out of luck, or may have to readjust the tension on the recoil spring. There are too many brands and models to list, so you're going to have to do some homework. If you are going to be hunting upland birds as well and want a gun you can carry for longer periods, Franchi is a great brand to check out as they're very reliable and are lightweight. Every pound counts when you're carrying it for a few hours. The difference between a 6 pound gun and an 8 or 9 is a night and day difference at the end of the day. I personally would not buy and expensive gun just for duck hunting. You're in the blind all day with clumsy dogs that scratch, rub up on ya. Not to mention the trip to the blind carrying your grub, coffee thermos, a couple dozen decoys, etc. where you're likely to bump it around a bit. Plus the best duck hunting is done in the worst possible weather. I'm not saying sacrifice quality, but i wouldn't buy a 2000 dollar over and under for this sole purpose. It's always good to find a gun that comes with at least 3 different choke tubes as well. This can save ya a little money later on. On a side note, duck hunters are killed and injured every year by their dogs pulling the trigger in the blind. It can happen in a fraction of a second, so always always always keep the safety on and the gun away from the dog. Be safe, Have fun, and God Bless!
that would be good just make sure you get the right type of shell and make sure none of them are lead.

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