Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grat danes were breed for hog hunting and the pin up of the ears was used for?

the protection of the dog getting there ears caught from a hog, my question is, why do they still do it? I personally think its creul to crop your pets ears.Grat danes were breed for hog hunting and the pin up of the ears was used for?
It is cruel and there's no use for it. North Americans are not doing as much any more - uncropped danes are starting to win in the show rings now too since judges are finally becoming more tolerant.Grat danes were breed for hog hunting and the pin up of the ears was used for?
Because it is a tradition and has always been done. Other then cosmetics there is no longer a real reason to crop ears. They don't have to be cropped to be shown and a Dane with cropped ears isn't worth any more then an uncropped Dane.There are more and more breeders and Dane owners who are no longer cropping ears.There are few vets who do cropping any more and the AVMA suggests that cropping no longer be done.There are a lot of Danes who have natural ears that have their championship. My show boy is natural eared. The Dane standard (which is set by the Great Dane Club Of America and not the AKC or UKC) has the standard for both natural ears and cropped ears.Either one is very acceptable.A Danes ears do not naturally stand so in order for them to do so they need to be cropped and then tapped in an upright position.They do NOT and should NOT stand erect unless they are cropped and have been trained to do so. An uncropped Danes ears should lay flat.Taping can be as short as a few weeks to over a year when they are cropped. If a person choses to crop then they must be committed to the taping for however long it takes. Also a puppy must have it's ears cropped by they time they are 14 weeks old at the latest. They can't be done after that. It is preferable taht they be done by the time a puppy is 9 weeks old.The US is the only country that still allows cropping.
It's for 'show.' I think it's mean too, but when I think of a Great Dane, I think of it with cropped ears. Some breeders don't crop them.
for show it brings up its quality
The original cropping was much shorter than the way they are done today - and it was done to keep them from being caught in the tusks of the wild hogs they fought.

The way they are cropped today is a matter you need to address with the American Kennel Club. The AKC standard states the ears should stand erect - but not necessarily cropped. People crop the ears to ensure the ears will, in fact, stand erect as per the breed standard. It is a matter of personal preference of the breeder. It is done when they are pups while the ear muscles are still developing. Trying to do it with an adult dog is cruel because it won't work and all you will accomplish is butchering an animal's ears. If you want a great dane with natural ears, buy a pup before the ears are cropped.

Once cropped, the dog is unaware of any discomfort - much the same as a male human baby is circumcised very early on. A man who was circumcised as an infant is unaware of any discomfort as an adult.

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