Monday, January 18, 2010

Everything I need to know about hunting with a bow.?

I want to start bow hunting. What do I need to know?



-Type (I want a compound)

-Draw length? (I am about 6 foot)

-Draw weight? ( I am a high schooler. Probably something around 30-40?)





Anything else you can think of would be wonderful. I will probably spend no more than 4 hundred on the bow itself, but I still want something to get the job done.Everything I need to know about hunting with a bow.?
Go to your local archery range, practice with a recurve, they have some there for practice, have someone show you the basics. After shooting some arrows, you are confident and can hit some good groups close to the bulls eye, try out some compound bows ( I would suggest a draw weight of 45 - 50 lbs or more), if you try one you want (like) to buy have them install the sights, rest, knocks and other items you need. You will also need target arrows with points, and broadheads for hunting, also finger tabs or trigger release.

You will need a Archery Target for broadheads (Ethafoam), such as the ';Block';, use these targets for outdoor shooting and from tree stand practice for broadheads. If using a tree stand have a body harness to attach your self to the tree so you don't fall and kill your self.

Tip, when you shoot from a tree stand shoot a little lower, practice.

Muzzy, or Thunder Head broadheads will work.

Decide if you want aluminum or carbon arrows, (Carbon I find are very durable).

Rent or buy bow hunting videos, look for Roger Raglin Videos.

Place your shot in the heart lung area of a deer etc., (some hunters do head shots, spine and neck shots, lots of experience), most will tell you to shoot at the heart lung area.

I have three arrows just for target shooting, and three the same for hunting only never used, ( to make sure blades are sharp).

You will need to learn how to get close to deer, within 30 yards, bow hunting videos, asking other bow hunters what they do will help you as well.

As for brand I prefer Martin Archery Compound Bows.

Good Luck.

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