Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Animal Hunting in general, what is your opinion?

I'ma doing a project on animal hunting and It would help if you could put youre first name last initial and a quote. This is my grade for Expository Writing, and i'm working on a pursesuesive essay. Thank You=]Animal Hunting in general, what is your opinion?
Hunting is fine when done for food. Not so much a fan of hunting as a sport where you don't use the animal for meat, that I think is senseless. I think shooting an exotic animal just to stuff its head and hang it on your wall should be illegal.

My husband gets a deer every year and we freeze the meat and use it all year long in place of beef in most recipes. When you think about it it's much more humane than the way they treat chickens or beef cattle who are being raised for food. Cattle are branded, castrated, fattened, and shot up with hormones and antibiotics, then slaughtered assembly-line style. The deer gets to run around and do whatever he wants until he's blindsided by a hunter and doesn't even see it coming. I'd rather be the deer than the cow!

Anna M.Animal Hunting in general, what is your opinion?
I think hunting animals of any kind is cruel and inhumane! Hunting should be outlawed. It isnt a ';sport'; or ';hobby'; to kill animals for pleasure!

Lynn G.

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