Friday, May 14, 2010

Where can a 5' 1'; , 130lbs female find hunting clothes??

I would like to find a blaze orange insolated jumpsuite and blaze orange insolated coat. My street clothing sizes is medium .... between size 5 and 7 in pants.I haven't had any luck yet. Please HELP!!Where can a 5' 1'; , 130lbs female find hunting clothes??
im around that but alittle taller

in the cabelas they have women sizes and i would get a small. that would fit you perfect! you might need to get a large in kids sizes if you cant find women sizes. try bass pro and cabelas. that will be your best luck.

your last resort would be that you look under men and just get a small if they have it but it will still be alittle big. us women dont have alot to choose from.Where can a 5' 1'; , 130lbs female find hunting clothes??
Bass Pro Shop or

LL Bean is very good, but $$$
cabbellas but that does not sound like hunting clothes more like road construction or jail work crew. I understand the saftey factor but you will need to hide. Also remember not to wear perfume or wash your hunting clothes with perfumed soap. Have fun hunting
Gander Mountain or Cabellas
You can find everything at Cabela's. Really, everything.
Try the children/Jr. section in the hunting/sporting good store you shop at. I am a little taller than you and weigh a little less than you. I frequent those sections and find lots of clothing that fit me well and the prices are way more affordable. I know many adultd hate shoping in the children section but there are some great hunting cloths there and no one knows the difference unless you tel them. I shop Sportsman's Warehouse regularly. Good Luck!!
i don't know if anyone has ever heard of L.L. Bean, but i only buy from them. they are just as good quality as cabelas, but they have a better deal. they don't have as wide a selection as cabelas, but they do have a %100 guarantee. if my waders leak, i can send them back and get store credit or a new pair. my wading boots are too small, so I'm gonna send em back soon and get a new pair.

here are the pants鈥?/a>

heres coat鈥?/a>

heres the link for L.L. Bean

good luck this season.

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