Friday, May 14, 2010

I am UK Citizen wanting to go Whitetail Hunting in Wisconsin in Nov 2010?

My father is wisconsin resident and i would like to join him for rifle season for whitetail in november 2010, what license do i require and where to get, and cost. Thanks david (over 21 years old)I am UK Citizen wanting to go Whitetail Hunting in Wisconsin in Nov 2010?
First, go to, and read up on deer hunting regulations for 2009. 2010 should be nearly the same, but they aren't out yet.

Then, go to鈥?/a> to purchase your license. You'll need to use your passport number instead of your social security number according to the instructions.I am UK Citizen wanting to go Whitetail Hunting in Wisconsin in Nov 2010?
How can I take my licensed weapons abroad?

If you are the holder of a shotgun or firearms certificate and you wish to take your weapons abroad within the EEC, then you will need a European Firearms Permit (EFP). The EFP is issued free of charge, upon written application to your Firearms Licensing Department. You will need to specify what weapons you will be taking with you. A European Firearms Permit cannot have an expiry date later than the expiry date on the firearms or shotgun certificate on which the weapons are held. You may also need to send in a current photograph of yourself, signed on the reverse with your usual signature, when you request an EFP.

If you wish to take your weapons to any other country, whether in or outside the EEC, you should seek advice from the embassy or consulate of that country. Even within the EEC other documents may be required other than your European Firearms Permit.

All weapons must be declared to Customs and to the travel company carrying you, whether by land, sea or air.

The second to last paragraph is what your looking for. Also it is worth noting should you wish to take your own rifle then find out which airline will allow it on board.

fatefinger - LOL
Well there going to have to provide the firearms. I mean the place where great britain used to be has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world and a 440% increase in crime, 89% increase in gun related crime over the past decade to prove it but I would think single shot rifles are still legal, right? You might have trouble getting them (your own hunting rifle(s)) out of country, so much it may not be worth taking them. Your going to need a non-resident general hunting license and a whitetail tag. Probably going to cost around 200-250USD. Non-resident license and tags tend to cost quite a bit more, 4-5 times as much than if you were a resident. Check the Wisconsin game and fish website for regulations and tag application deadlines, its different for each state. But I believe you can buy leftovers anytime before the season starts. Plus its done by area so you need to figure that out too. Best to check that states game and fish. And all this cannot be done overseas, you need to be in the state to do it.

You can get a general license any time of the year for the year, but I'm not sure about tags, when there given out and what deadlines there are. Everything in my state is by a lottery but I'm not sure about Wisconsin.
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