Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tikka T3 Tactical or Keltec 223 SU-16, whats overall better for hunting Varmints?

both are around same price..... nxt rifle i want 2 get is a 223 chambered firearm due to its common cheap round or something better?Tikka T3 Tactical or Keltec 223 SU-16, whats overall better for hunting Varmints?
The t3 without a doubt, its far superior and a good looking gun, the funny thing is in off to gunshop now to buy one.Tikka T3 Tactical or Keltec 223 SU-16, whats overall better for hunting Varmints?
Your comparing apples to oranges here.....

The bolt action Tikka T3 is a way more accurate rifle than the Keltec SU-16....

On the other hand the Keltec has advantages.... Its what I call a handy rifle.... Something you use for close range varmint hunting.... Or a truck gun.... Its compact and has a large capacity magazine.... Something you can grab quick if you see a rabid dog or to control a sour social situation.... Its also more fun for informal target shooting.....鈥?/a>

If it just for varmint hunting stick with the Tikka.... For everything else consider the Keltec....

The .223 cartridge is a fine choice...... Yes there are better cartridges but for most varmint purposes the .223 is a fine choice... besides its cheaper in bulk when available in bulk......
G'day mate,If it's out of those 2 guns you have mentioned ill go for the tikka t3.I did have a choice of a tikka or a Remington 700.Tikka are a good gun but Remington are better made gun.Tikka are made by sako so with the tikka you get the sako barrel.But what puts a lot of shooter off is the plastic that the gun comes with like the trigger mechanisms and plastic magazine.I also will admit that the tikka is one of the smoothest operating guns i have shot.So out of those 2 i would go for the tikka but out of the tikka and the Remington i would go Remington any day.One other thing if you are planning to walk around a lot don't get the varmint rifle they are very heavy rifle. cheers mate
Definitely the Tikka, great barrel, solid platform and love the ergonomics,having the shorter throw bolt and how smooth it is makes it a winner especially in the 223.

My son and I have been looking at getting him a Tikka in 270 for deer and elk hunting. He loves the fit and feel for himself and appreciates the smooth lines and the bolt that seems even smoother than my A-Bolts. The Tikka isn't a Sako, but it has the features to like and the Sako barrel makes for a good shooting rifle. Almost 100% I've heard about them is positive to excellent.

Just to throw a curve at you, have you looked at the CZ Varmint in 223?
You cant go wrong the Tikka T3 over the Keltec. The Tikka is more durable and reliable!
Tikka T3 are much better build rifle than the Keltec SU16....

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