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Do all vegetarians believe that hunting (un-baited trapping, gun, bow,or fishing rod) is wrong?

If it鈥檚 the inhumanity of slaughter houses that bother most vegetarians, what鈥檚 wrong with hunting? Just because someone is not a vegetarian doesn鈥檛 mean they condone poor slaughter habits/processes. But is it viewed by vegetarians to be wrong to obtain your own food (meats, not a veggie garden) through self sufficiency? If that (slaughterhouse issues) is one鈥檚 reasoning for being vegetarian, why go all the way rather than (for example) eat your neighbor鈥檚 venison?

I have chosen (what I feel) to be a healthier way of life (for me), not being boxed into what everyone else thinks is right or wrong. I eat meat, seafood, poultry, lots of veggies; but nothing in excess. I am a realist, not extremist. I know of some veggies that won't eat things cooked on the same skillet as burgers and such. Please help me understand the extreemist attitude against all meat eating without beating me up for it. I've found I must walk lightly in this catagory or I get nasty remarks.Do all vegetarians believe that hunting (un-baited trapping, gun, bow,or fishing rod) is wrong?
I cannot speak for all vegetarians, but I feel that taking a life needlessly is wrong (for me) and I would not do it.

When I became veg, I realized that I did not need meat to survive or to be healthy. The only reason I ate it was because I though it tasted good. Because it provided nothing for me other than ';tasting good';, I put it in the ';luxury '; category. I could not justify a thinking, feeling being to suffer and die so I could have something I didn't need.

Many years later, I have found that many other things taste good, and I don't miss the taste of dead animals at all.


Now, if I we were hypothetically in a situation where we needed dead animals to survive, I would respect the person who would kill the animal him or herself and use the animal in its entirety and be thankful for the life s/he took then those who eat dead animals in utter excess from factory farms. Of course most people who hunt don't do it to *survive*, they do it because they think killing is fun or try to belive that killing is a sport.

But I don't sit around thinking about whether I should respect people and judging their life decisions... and I cannot imagine that anyone is banging down my door to make sure I think highly of them.


But, as I said, these opinions are simply my own. And I guess I don't consider trying my best to live up to ';do no harm'; to be extremist. :)Do all vegetarians believe that hunting (un-baited trapping, gun, bow,or fishing rod) is wrong?
I'm with ';Ruth A.';

If somebody wants to go and peg something off in the woods and eat it, good for them.

The so-called ';sport'; hunting is pretty weird to me, though. I can't say I understand it.

Keep in mind that the extremist vegetarians are nothing but an embarrassment to the very moderate majority. The moderate sorts don't go around shouting about their diet at every possible opportunity, though, so -- sadly, the extremists tend to look like they're speaking for the whole lot. That, and this section is filled with teen-agers, who are, for better or for worse, often pretty passionate about things. Stupid, sure, but passionate...
As a vegetarian, it has been my experience and my belief, that vegetarians, in general, don't believe that hunting is wrong. This view changes depending on whether you are discussing sport hunting or hunting for a purpose. Personally, I believe that sport hunting is wrong, but I have no problem with those who hunt for food. In fact, I would say that we are on the same side as the hunters. Both hunters and vegetarians are often supporters of conservation and environmentalism, which often underly the choice to be vegetarian. And, to a certain extent, hunting is necessary to prevent overpopulation of species and the spreading of disease. Hunting is okay with me :)
Well, first off, sorry for the nasty remarks! Some of us are nasty by nature, some of us think that you're trying to provoke us, etc. But whatever. On topic!

Most vegetarians that I know believe that hunting is much preferable to slaughterhouses as a means of getting food. If your way of killing the animal is fairly humane, then living a life in the wild is the best thing for this animal. Not to mention that it's better for you, not being as processed and injected with crap. However, most of us are also against sport hunting- it's a life wasted, not to mention that it encourages cruelty and murder, whether or not you feel that what you are killing is your equal.

The reason that people go all the way depends on the person. Personally, I've found it easiest to set an obvious boundary (no animal products whatsoever whenever possible) than to skip around wondering ';does this count?'; Also, many of us simply can't stomach the idea of consuming flesh, or think that it's easier to be healthy to eat a veg diet.

Basically, do what works for you. As much as I wish that the whole world was veg, I know that this isn't gonna happen anytime soon, and so why should I preach to you about it? If you're comfortable with eating meat, then do it, but enjoy it if you do!
No not all of them do. Many vegetarians choose not to eat meat soley for health reasons (and sometimes religious or economic reasons), not because they object to the slaughter of animals.

But many others are very passionate about their beliefs and feel everyone should do as they do and that their way is the only way. Often because they feel that others are committing ';crimes against nature'; that they have the right to commit crimes against other people, like destruction of property (spraying red paint on people's fur coats, etc).

And they also feel it gives them the right to be rude, abrasive and even violent toward other people who don't believe with they believe.

To each his own.
That depends on the person and why they are veg*n. If the hunted animal is used and not wasted then for some people that may be okay. Others consider that unnecessary killing because it is not necessary for survival, except in a few circumstances that most people don't live in.

From a religious perspective, some religions advocate this because they want people to practice compassion and non-violence so that it can help the person be better to themselves, other people, and society. Along those ideals, if people had a very compassionate nature that was intrinsic to the way they act then perhaps the world would get along better. Ghandi is a notable figure practicing this kind of ideal. This is a very serious concept to think about in light of the world today.
I just don't think animals should be killed for the sake of a big-mac or steak,alot of people eat meat pretty much just to please their palate,which is the reason most people use as a defense for eating meat,don't think that means I go around trying to call people out or try and stop them from eating meat,I've just noticed it from spending alot of time on here(and family).I think people shouldn't kill animals since we are perfectly capable of surviving and thriving on a vegetarian diet.
If someone asked me if i want to die or if i want to suffer and die, i would rather just die but i would rather not die at all. But whatever lets you sleep at night.
Some vegetarians and Vegans are strongly against any type of slaughter.

I personally feel that slaughter is wrong when it is Inhumane and in most cases, it is TERRIBLY Inhumane.

I am a meat eater and sometimes I think that Grace before meals shoud be our way of thanking animals for the horrific sacrifice they make for us.
As others have said, not everyone is opposed to the horrific treatment most animals have to endure being part of the meat (or egg or dairy) industry, although most would be if they had to spend some time around those poor animals. Some people, like me, think it's arrogant and just highly unethical to think that animals are put here for us to consume when all the evidence suggests we are not even carnivores (otherwise we'd eat intestines, where all the nutrients are...duh!). And even if we were meant to consume meat in the beginning (I don't believe we were), we are smart enough and compassionate enough as a species (aren't we?) to find ways to satisfy our nutritional needs without taking an animal's life. It just seems very barbaric and selfish. Hope that helps understand one person's view anywyay!
i would think most are against hunting. i am WAY against hunting! it's EVIL!!! all the other vegetarians i know are against it too.
Not all vegetarians. Because some people go vegetarian for health reasons, they do not pay close attention to the issues of animal rights. Vegans, on the other hand, tend to be mostly made up of people who went vegan for the proposed for animal rights. Vegans are strongly against it.

I for one, am a vegan and I do not support hunting of any kind. It is just not right. It disgusts me.
You can not understand the narrow mind of anyone so convinced THEY are right just;;; like muslims. All you words are wasted

No mater how convincing the truth may be,, You can not alter their belief;;;

IF they so choose!

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