Friday, May 14, 2010

Best broadhead to go elk hunting with my set up.?

I have a diamond justice set at 60 lbs. and shooting Easton FMJ arrows(400) what would be the best broadhead to get a complete pass threw onBest broadhead to go elk hunting with my set up.?
Actually for your bow I disagree with the first guy. Although fixed blades are ideal for traditional bowhunting and 'smaller' game, your going to need to put a bigger hole in an elk. I used a Wasp one time to take a whitetail from a compound (I usually use a longbow) and it made a big hole, found the buck only 25 yards away from where I shot it. It left a massive hole, so I don't use them for whitetail, but I imagine for elk, it would be just the ticket.Best broadhead to go elk hunting with my set up.?
I would first see what the state allows for broad head requirements. Some state do not allow mechanical broad head others just have a minimum cutting requirement whether opened or closed.

I would use the best broad head to give me the best flight and accuracy with the maximum cutting area for the type of game I'm hunting. With these flight requirement, you just have to figure the weight of the broad head you need to accomplish this.

The heavier weighted heads will give you the best penetration for big game. A cutting area greater than 1 1/2 inches would be ideal.
Any one of these will not let you down if you do your part and make an accurate shot. Magnus Stinger- in the 2 blade model. - Muzzy broadhead- Nap Thunderhead- or a slick trick. Don't let anyone talk you into using a Rage mechanical- ( personal experience talking here)

Good luck on your hunt!
I would go with a fixed blade broadhead. Stay away from the mechanicals. Any 1 1/2'; - 1 3/4'; blade will work just fine. Just stay away from that shoulder blade.

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