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So how do you guys feel about hunting?

i'm serious. do you people just not eat meat that are raised on farms and feedlots?

think about it, if people didn't hunt, in a few years, over population would become a huge problem. starvation and disease would cause so many problems. what do you guys think?So how do you guys feel about hunting?
I hunt so obviously, I approve of it.

One thing though that many people realize is that only a small portion of hunters actually kill an animal. Majority of them cme up empty handed (about 2/3).

Another thing is that there is some truth to the notion that without managed hunting, wild life population will deteriorate. The rationale behind this (whether you agree with it or not) is that a certain area can only sustain a limited number of animals. any more and starvation will likely occur. So wildlife and forest management authorities allow a certain number of animals to be ';culled'; from the population in order to maintain a healthy and sustainable number. They do this in several ways one of which is by allowing hunting which in turn generates revenue which they use to better manage the area. That is why the ';quota'; changes every year. And even then, the number one killer of wild animals is still starvation followed by predation of other animals then disease. Hunting is far down the list. In fact in the case of wild pigs in California, fish and game authorities had to neuter boars and spay sows because the population was getting out fo control and the pigs were starting to invade farms in their search for food,

One thing I don't approve of and don't partake in is ';trophy'; hunting. I have no desire to mount the heads of dead animals anywhere in my house.So how do you guys feel about hunting?
I oppose hunting for sport or trophy hunting in all cases.

I oppose hunting for food in all cases except those in which people must do so for survival. Hunting done by humans does not control the population. It creates imbalances in the ecosystem. The reason animals like deer and geese are overpopulated in some areas is because of humans hunting their natural predators and urbanizing into their habitats. Hunters then hunt those animals claiming they are helping the ecosystem.

The truth is though that hunters create a vacuum by wiping out species in bunches. Nonhuman predators and their prey are natural parts of a balanced faunal and floral population. Humans hunting and destroying animal habitats disrupts this delicate balance. Nature abhors a vacuum. When hunters hunt a group of animals, that species will either increase it's reproduction rates to fill in the gap and survive or another species will fill in the gap.

If you want to revert back to caveman status, then yes, hunting would make perfect sense. But, that's obviously not the case as we type here on our computers.
I am a vegetarian. This year my father has managed to kill a bobcat and a deer and a coyote. My little brother also shot a deer.

My dad shot the predators, that is the problem. If we did not shoot anything the predators would eat the herbivores where the herbivores would die down, then the carnivores would have less to eat so they would die off and allow the herbivore's population to climb back up.

This has happened before and it all worked out WITHOUT human intervention
You can survive, even be healthier without eating meat. I have been vegetarian since 5th grade, and I definitely do not support hunting. If done correctly, vegetarianism can actually be a healthier lifestyle, and if everyone were vegetarians, people would probably be a lot healthier in general.

I don't support hunting, especially modern-day methods of raising animals to be slaughtered. If anything, all hunting should be free-range on less cruel farms. That would be a start. But think about it. Animal life has survived for thousands of years before humans entered the scene, and with the food chain, they never really did

';overpopulate'; the earth. So why would they start now? If humans stopped force breeding the animals, their lives would hopefully go back to normal, and they would be able to reproduce as they naturally would.
I approve of hunting. It's much more humane than what cows constantly go through. I'd much rather eat meat from an animal that lived a lot of its life, over a cow that was brutally slaughtered at a factory farm. Plus, most wild animal meat tastes good, like venison burgers.

Though, I don't agree with hunting predators. Since we're only going to probably end up using the fur most of the time, I don't think it's necessary. Most predators take care of their own numbers after a while through starvation and killing each other over food. Though I think that if a predators population was that extreme that it happened constantly, I'd be okay to kill a few sick or weak animals to balance things back out.
I'm totally and completely against hunting. Humans are overpopulating the Earth,and you don't seem to be complaining too much about that. I hate especially when people hunt for sport. It isn't right. People eat domesticated animals which are raised for the sole purpose of killing them for food. So if we stopped raising them, they wouldn't overpopulate. No meat,period. Educate yourself
i have no problem with hunting in civilizations where it is the only source of food. in more aboriginal cultures people are/were hunter gatherers and they only ate what they found or killed. in these situations humans were a part of nature and a natural part of the food chain. if people do this now, then i don't see the problem.

raising animals for food to kill them is a problem. hunting is even worse. you're killing the animals for fun and sport. what if someone did the same thing to humans? we wouldn't think it was okay. what about something a bit less than humans (to most people) like the mentally handicapped, or apes?

the only reason animals would ever have population problems is because of human interference. people force their way into the forest and **** things up. the animals were fine before that.

besides, people don't hunt to regulate animal population. they hunt for sport. they kill defenseless animals for sport. why don't they go hunt something that will put up a fight in a way that requires some real skill. like hand to hand combat with a lion. i think that's what hunters are doing to other animals.
I'm vegan, but I am definitely for hunting -- and I don't have problems with cage-free and free-range meat and dairy. I'm not anti-meat as much as I am anti-factory farming.

Add: Not only should blueeyes reread the question, which is about HUNTING and about ANIMALS starving and dying from disease, but she should also take a little trip to New England and witness our overpopulation of wild turkeys.

do some research please.

the cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ect that you know of were domesticated by humans. they wouldnt exist without us, and they cant survive without us. so if we stopped breeding these animals (artificially) then they wouldnt over populate the world. they would die.

oh.. and starvation?.. from not eating animals?

well i havent eaten an animal or animal by product in a very long time and im pretty sure i havent died from starvation.

so, i think that hunting is unnecessary.

and im vegan, i dont eat animals or animal by products like milk and eggs, and i also dont wear any animal products. (it doesnt matter to me if the animal was raised on a farm, the animals life is still being interrupted for an unnecessary cause)
i think that if we didn't have hunters it would be a lot more people hitting cars on the roads and i call hunting ';wildlife population control'; lol, i love nature and you'd think if someone loves nature that they wouldn't want to kill an animal but like you said it would just be over populated and i like that people have a limit even though nobody i know actually tags anything they kill, i laugh when tree huggers say not to kill animals when i bet they eat meat and own cloths, shoes and other things made with animal skin like leather, too many hypocrites i guess, one more thing i only like hunting where you eat the meat, i don't like people that trophy hunt, i didn't think of that until reading one of the post but i don't think people should trophy hunt

oh and blueeyes, most any animal can learn how to survive on their own, maybe not right away but if people stopped taking care of any animal that animal will learn how to live on its own, just like us people when we're kids our parents take care of us and then we have to learn to live life on our own, same kinda thing
';yes the human population is growing and we have our own measure to contol's called birth control including abortion which arguably is killing a human being before it is even born.. ever seen an aborted fetus? It is a bloddy mess and you should to see how it tries to fight the tube that will suck out it's brains and kill it... China has an official state sponsored a one child policy where ';extra'; infants are killed by injecting potassium cyanide or iodine into the newborn's brain';

How is this relevant? Non-human animals don't need humans to keep their population in check. As someone who has supposedly graduated college, you should know that humans have not been on Earth very long, and non-human animals did just fine without us.
Read the section ';Shooting the mythes'; in the vegan source book.鈥?/a>

Scroll down to page 72 and you can read the whole chapter. That pretty much explains it.

The only time i am ok with hunting is if you can not afford to buy your own food(Preferably vegan. ;))d, or do not want to support factory farms and choose to hunt instead.

Sport hunting is a bloody horrible game. Its not even a game.

In a game, both sides know they're playing.

Btw, I am not a city girl. Three is a wildlife preserve behind my house and i love to sit and watch the deer. Thank god it is protected or I would go ninja on them hunters, lol!

No, but I mean i can't see why anybody would want to kill a creature like that or say it is necessary! The area behind my house(A few square miles) does fine without hunting! There are coyotes to balance the population, no need for hunting! =)

Edit:Ashley, you are the hypocrite of all hypocrites.

So your a vegan who thinks veganism is hypocritical. It is against a vegans belief to hunt you know, or to support hunting.

you are so obviously not a vegan, lol

Edit:exsft, I am against abortion also.

And to the england overpopulation of turkeys. If humans never would have killed the natural predators we would not be in this situation.
I don't hunt, but support it. My grandparents and most of my family hunts deer and turkey. Last season, my granny only killed one deer. They eat the meat, too- so it's not like it goes to waste. They do have a few deer skins in their home. What else r u supposed to do w/the skin? Throw it away?! Population control at it's best. Trophy hunters want the large, older males. In my state, there is actually a law that says u have to kill a female for every male u kill.
while on farms the way thy 'rasie'(if u can even call it tht) on farms is SO UNNATURAL nd just plain wrong but i also do believe if we can live with out something (ussaly more healthy livin with out it) thn we shouldnt eat it nd make an animal lose it's life. plain nd simple

nd if anybody puts something sayin tht well ur takin a plants life away... this is what i got 2 say 2 u ';o...k crazy';

btw vegetation becoming a vegan (almost a full day!)
The human race is becoming overpopulated; should we start killing people? The earth belongs to all creatures, and it's not up to us to decide who's overpopulating it. Hunting is absolutely disgusting.
3 of my daughters are vegetarian and its because they adore animals and don't find it right to eat something that has been suffered.
if you all werent taking over the animals environment and went back to europe..we wouldnt need to fret over over population ..Where are the buffalo ..where are the elk? I see malls and rednecks.
whether people want them to or not, humans eat meat, as do many animals. its ok for animals to hunt, so why cant we?
I think you are in the wrong forum.
i think you should do more research
Are you talking about hunting in countries like the US or hunting in general? while hunting in the US may not be necessary for survival for most people, it is in many other countries. and even in the Us, there are groups or individuals who rely on hunting for food and /or income. Ask them how they feel about it not vegetarians or vegans who oppose any animal contact or consumption to begin with.

Monkey - if you ever learn how to answer a question or post something related to the topic at hand, I might listen to you. Until then,you are what I would refer to as this forum's ';ambient noise';: something unpleasant and irritating but part of the atmosphere.

Wasn't your old account deleted by Yahoo because they consider you a troll and had most of your previous questions and answers deleted too? How sad is that really? To be considered a troll in a forum whose subject matter is what you practice in real life.
I whole heartily support hunting.
no hunting.

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