Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am looking for a pump action 12 g shotgun for hunting dear and duck any sugestions?

the two most common are the remington 870 express and mossberg 500

the 870 is the standard by which all other pumps are judged, and the mossberg 500 is a very solid economy model very comparable but for a little less cash

Both are available in 'combo' packages which consist of a 26 or 28 inch duck and pheaseant style barrel, and a 22-24 inch rifle sighted deer barrel for slugs.I am looking for a pump action 12 g shotgun for hunting dear and duck any sugestions?
id say get a remington 1100 with a 30'; barrell with a full and modified choke itll take a deer wit buck shot under 75 yds get a cylnder choke and use slugs for anything fartherI am looking for a pump action 12 g shotgun for hunting dear and duck any sugestions?
Mossberg Maverick Brand new at Walmart for $160.00 Dollars. Those hunters and shooters who have them are very happy with them.*
You cannot go wrong with the workhorse Remington 870.

The Benelli Nova is a very good gun, but will run about $500 or so more than the Remington. The Nova though has a recoil system in the stock to take some of the ';kick'; out of the gun...which you'll need when shooting ducks and geese since most people shoot 3 inch or 3 1/2 inch shells for the fliers.

You can get a rifled barrel for the Nova, but again your adding another $600 to the cost of the gun.

Remington sells an 870 combo system that comes with a rifled barrel as well as a smooth bore barrel for all the fliers.

That gun retails where I work for $640 in a 12 guage (remember you get 2 barrels).

You could just buy a Remington with a smooth bore barrel and buy a Hastings slug barrel for the 870 and also have a good setup.
The Remington 870 is the American standard when talking about pump shotguns
Id recommend the Remington 870 you can get a rifled barrel for slugs and a regular barrel for ducks.

Only reason i recommend different barrels is because I prefer to shoot deer using slugs and a rifled barrel is whats ideal for that.

Or you can do like me get the 870 Express Slug for deer AND the 870 Express Super magnum for ducks and geese
Ithaca Mod. 37 is a very good pump gun as well.
The Rem 870 is by far the most popular and most reliable pump on the market. The Benelli is noce but I have both and prefer the 870. I also had a Mossberg but got rid of it in a hurry.

A shotgun is like anything else, you get what you pay for, The 870 express is a nice gun, bit not as nice as an 870 Wingmaster. Because you are just getting into hunting and want a utility gun, you will do best to save a little money and get an 870 Express (350.00 ish).

For waterfowel, I would get the 3 1/2 model. You'll wish you did as soon as you start shooting those Honkers.
Yep, the Mossberg 500 series is the best bet for the money, you get them new for around 225.00, but used is more like 150.00. They come in a wide array of combos, usually a 28';, and a 20'; barrel, (one for slugs for deer), and /or home defense. Also can get a pistol grip for the short barrel. They shoot 2/3-4'; and 3'; shells, and are indestructable. I have had about 10, and usually sell them for more then I paid, especially with the combo-pack. Never jam, or fail to fire.
A Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 bird/slug barrel combo
mossbergs suck i've always had a horrible time with them you should try

yes they are rifled barrels but you still can change the barrels and put chokes on them
mossberg 835 or benelli nova ,both shoot 2 and three quarter to 3.5 steel and lead
Well i do not want to give you a brand or and series but i can tell you where to get one that fits you.......they have excellent guns at wal-mart,pawnshops,sporting goods store's,etc. they have shotguns everywhere you may want to look on eBay for a special series,good luck hunting
Look into the Remington 870, hands down!

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