Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do you think the Government ban on ';hunting with hound's'; has been a success?

If the answer is ';NO';, as I suspect, then why was so much time, money and effort wasted ? I wonder how many foxes lives were ';saved';?Do you think the Government ban on ';hunting with hound's'; has been a success?
I don't understand why a law against fox hunting was passed at great expense to us who pay taxes and yet other laws seem to take years to be moved on.

Foxes have recently become a huge problem where i live - I have to make sure I keep my cats in over night now as 3 have been killed by foxes in the past 4 months. This had only happened once in twelve years before the ban!

I don't care a fig about the 'rights' of foxes in regards to cruelty- what about the rights of children and old people - also for those needing dental treatment, medical treatment, a better education and 'the right ' not to catch MRSA etc!!!!

It was a huge PR movement by Tony Blair to distract us from major issues - clever man - it worked.Do you think the Government ban on ';hunting with hound's'; has been a success?
Where I live there is no ban on hunting with hounds (this is the first I've ever heard of such a thing ???) We hunt mountain lion and bear with our hounds..... But, living in the good'ol southwest ';wild'; west certainly does have it benefits......
I think it might be. i meen there was a fox in my garden for the first time ever the other day
Yes . although limited . It should remain so with badger baiting , bull baiting , cock fighting , dog fighting , bear baiting , and stag hunting .
This is a good question . who was it that told the government that this legislation wasn`t to the advantage of the fox. The BASC British assosiation for shooting and conservation.the very people who the legislation was aimed at,but the government buckled to the preasure from the animal rights and the RSPCA ,who are funded largely by the people who are blowing up peoples cars because they go to work at animal labs. I myself don`t hunt I used to be a member of a coursing club. proper coursing not the mindless killing of hares that goes on in the name of coursing. I do however shoot and since the ban have had numerous calls from local farmers for my services with regard s to fox damage.this year I have already shot 60% more problem foxes than ever before.I can only put it down to the farmers worrying about the increase and the fact that the hunts aren`t killing any. I think it has had an adverse effect on foxes because before the ban farmers would tollerate them because the hunt provided a service of dispersal and also they wuold take fallen stock which saved the farmer having to pay to have it removed . now they don`t.
i understand why it was banned and they say the fox is on the up in numbers and now is becoming more of a problem in spite of humane ways of killing them

at the end of the day itwas cruel and this is a moden world and people should not act like that.

for the record i hate foxes i can not stand them

regards x kitti x
Humm, this must not be in effect in the U.S. We hunt hogs with catch dogs, and a few people still run deer with hounds.

Numerous people hunt foul and small game with dogs also.
It was a rather silly policy to begin with, 59% of the population were in favour of keeping it, yet it was banned anyway.

Not that i'm an advocate for or against, all i see is jobs lost because of the ban.
Ask the foxes!
now i dont think it was much of a success.... sure foxes might not be able to out run a hound but they also cant out run a bullet.

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