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I have a bb and pellet 10 pump air rifle thats about 600 hundred fps is it good for hunting?

are yo talking abou the powermaster? i have killed squirrels and rabbits with that gun.I have a bb and pellet 10 pump air rifle thats about 600 hundred fps is it good for hunting?
I think the answer depends on a couple factors. First what do you intend to hunt. Second how accurate is the gun. And finally how close do you intend to shoot from. If you're asking about a Crosman 760 (the only pump pneumatic that's advertised with a 600 fps muzzle velocity), I'd say its sufficient for hunting, but that there are better choices that don't cost much more.

600 fps with a 7.6-8 grain pellet works out to around 6 ft-lbs of muzzle energy or slightly over. That's enough power to hunt most small game up to rabbit in size.(1) Honestly you could probably hunt rabbit with a 6 ft-lb gun, you just would have to get really close (15 yards or less) and limit yourself to head-shots. Even then you don't have much margin of safety (extra power). Based on what you're describing you'd be better off hunting birds and squirrel out to no more than 20-25 yards.

The big question is can your gun hit the kill zone. If its a Crosman 760, then you'll need to consider that question very carefully since that's not the most accurate pump airgun ever made. The kill zone on most small game animals ranges from .5 to 1.5 inches.(1) The Crosman 760 (base model) is a smooth bore gun. I've found mine is roughly capable of minute of soda can accuracy out to 60 feet. But I kinda doubt that its capable of much less than that, even with pellets.

Honestly, if you want to hunt with a pump pneumatic pellet gun, there are more capable guns which don't cost that much more. The Crosman 2100 delivers around 9 ft-lbs of muzzle energy and costs about $60-$75. Its probably your best option for an inexpensive hunting pneumatic. The Crosman 664 delivers around 6.5-7 ft-lbs of muzzle energy and costs about $50. Even the Daisy 880 delivers right about 7 ft-lbs of muzzle energy for a cost of $40. Any of those would be more accurate than a Crosman 760 and more powerful.I have a bb and pellet 10 pump air rifle thats about 600 hundred fps is it good for hunting?
ok i have a bb gun that shoots around 600 fps and it is effective on possums raccoons all birds rabbits squirels. birds can take a shot just about anywhere and will drop as long as they r smaller than oh say 6 oz. squirels and rabbits have to be shot in the head/heart/lung anf raccoons and possums i have taken in a single well placed shot in the eye or at the base of the ear from up to 15 yards. a lead pellet is only effective on squirels/rabbits and smaller. if u use harder alloys it will get the job done on everything listed. i mostly use just bbs which drop a bird instantly and a squirel in seconds. the raccoon took a little longer to die cuz it had convultions. NOTICE for raccoons and possums it is legal to hunt them in ILLINOIS at any time because they have no closed hunting season and are unprotected. A liscense is required for all small game. I DO NOT HUNT SONGBIRDS! European starlings, rock pigeons and House Sparrows are the ONLY unprotected bird species in America that can be hunted at any time. PETA DONT GO ON THIS FORUM IF YOU DONT SUPPORT IT NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK!
I have a pellet gun tht shoots 600 fps i kill birds of all kinds squirels u have to hit them right in the head or hel just run to get the most out of your gun use small pellets to get the most velocity and use high velocity pellets now my beeman shoots round 730 fps compared to 600 and i use the rws hpermax bullets andchronographed it
Little birds yes.
iff you use metel pellets it should kill some small animals
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